About the same health?

Full cheeks, stocky legs, round tummy: Pummelige children are considered by many adults as "sweet" and "completely healthy". But around is not all right - as in adults too many kilos pose serious health risks for the offspring. And this problem must be faced more and more frequently by the younger generation: Already today, about 15 percent of all children and adolescents between the ages of three and 17 weigh too much in Germany, and more than six percent are even considered obese (obese).,


ECG stands for electrocardiography and refers to an examination method in which the electrical activity of the heart is measured. The so-called heart action is thereby derived via electrodes and recorded in the form of curves. Based on this, the doctor can judge if the heart is functioning properly.


Pigment spots (hyperpigmentation) are brownish discolorations of the skin. The dark areas of the skin are created when special cells in the skin release more of the skin pigment melanin in certain areas. Pigmented spots are usually harmless. However, many people find it unpleasant and cosmetically disturbing.


Already in ancient times juniper was used for healing purposes. It has a diuretic and antispasmodic in gastrointestinal disorders. Applied externally, it can relieve rheumatic complaints. Read more about the medicinal and spice plant juniper and the juniper berry effect! Product overview Juniper healing power Application Side effects Application instructions Sources of supply What is the healing power of juniper?

Lachrymal gland

The lacrimal gland produces most of the tear fluid that is supposed to protect the eyeball from dehydration. The tear fluid has a high salt content and also bactericidal properties. If there are too many tears that can not be overcome by the draining tears, they flow over the lower edge of the lid.

Vitamin b6

Vitamin B6 is involved in central metabolism processes, for example, in the conversion and incorporation of proteins, in the construction and protection of nerve connections and it supports the immune system. The body can not produce the water-soluble vitamin B6 itself, which is why it has to be fed through the diet.

Melissa (melissa officinalis)

Many people think of melissa quite soon to Melissengeist - especially to the still popular today Klosterfrau Melissengeist. It is a product that does not have a good reputation among many medical professionals. The reason: melissa spirit contains up to 79 percent alcohol. The harmful effect of alcohol - according to many experts - surpasses the positive effects of the melissa spirit.