Mca (mucin-like cancer associated antigen)

The laboratory value of MCA is measured primarily in women with breast cancer. His reading allows a statement about the course of the disease and the success of the treatment. Read everything important about the MCA! Article Overview MCA (mucin-like cancer associated antigen) What is MCA? In which cases is the MCA value determined?

Icd implantation

In an ICD implantation, a defibrillator is permanently implanted in the heart. This is how to treat dangerous cardiac arrhythmias and prevent the wearer from sudden cardiac death. Learn how an implanted defibrillator works, when it's used, and what you need to know after the procedure.

Larva migrans cutanea and hookworm disease

Larva migrans cutanea (also known as skin mole, creeping eruption) and hookworm disease infest larvae of various species of worms on the body. In dermal mole, they remain in the skin where they slowly drill through the tissue. The corridors show up in a characteristic line pattern on the skin.

Glutamate: danger to the liver and heart?

Munich ( - Everyone consumes the flavor enhancer glutamate daily. International scientists now confirmed that the substance may be too contentious. In their study, glutamate had a negative effect on the health of mice. Mice on diet "Umami" is the fifth taste that glutamate conjures up on the tongue.

Blood vessels

The blood vessels together with the heart form the bloodstream. The tubular formations are the transport routes through which the blood reaches every remote region of our body. They ensure the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all tissues and transport degradation products out of the tissue.

Protein requirements

Since protein or some of its building blocks, the amino acids, are vital for humans, it is important to cover the respective protein requirements as well. How much protein per day that is depends on various components, such as physique and activity. Read here how the protein requirement is calculated and how an overdose or a protein deficiency is noticeable.


Topiramate is a remedy for epilepsy (antiepileptic). The drug helps to relieve epileptic seizures and convulsions through multiple mechanisms of action. In addition, it can be used in adults for the prevention of migraine headaches. Read here everything important about the application, effects and side effects of Topiramate.