Belly, legs, butt - butt kick

EXERCISE 11 - The Po kick The butt kick trains your butt, thighs and stomach. Starting position: Support on knees and hands. Upper and lower legs form a right angle. Exercise: Raise one leg until the thigh is horizontal and the lower leg is in a vertical position. Tighten the butt muscles.


Echinacea (sun hat) is used medicinally for respiratory infections such as colds and superficial wounds. The plant is considered a traditional herbal medicine. Read more about the echinacea effect and application! Product overview Echinacea healing power Application Side effects Application notes Where to buy Worth knowing What is the healing power of the Echinacea?

Hiv test

With an HIV test, it can be determined whether someone has been infected with the HI virus (HIV) - the causative agent of AIDS. In order to be able to make a precise statement, two tests are always carried out. Also important for a meaningful result is the time of the investigation. Read more about how a rapid HIV test can prove which other tests there are and where you can get an HIV test!

Healthy in the office: keep typing

Office stallions or amateur athletes have one thing in common: overloading makes their muscles hurt. And just like in sports, movement to loosen up the muscles is the best medicine in the office too - in this study, however, more than you think. Painful in the office everyday of the neck or back, is often a wrong work attitude the cause.

Intestinal flora

The term intestinal flora (microbiota, microbiome of the intestine) refers to all microorganisms that colonize the human intestine. That's up to 99 percent of all bacteria that live in and on the human body. Read about the various intestinal bacteria, their tasks and health problems that affect the intestinal flora!

Vitamins for pregnant women

We all need daily enough minerals and vitamins. Pregnancy and breastfeeding, however, sometimes require higher levels, as the child is cared for by the mother. Especially the question of which vitamins are important in pregnancy, many future parents. And indeed, there are some nutrients that pregnant women need in higher doses.

Take medication properly

Proper medication plays a big role in the success of the treatment. Therefore, agree with your doctor on an intake scheme that is as easy to implement as possible, based on your daily routine. Maybe you combine taking the medication with the usual meal times like breakfast.