Acai diet

The acai fruit is supposed to work wonders when it comes to weight loss. What's wrong with the acai diet?

Acai diet

In the Acai Diet the fruit of the same name should help to let the pounds tumble. But that does not mean that one only eats Acai Acai diet - rather, the diet is supplemented accordingly. The berry is supposed to stimulate the metabolism, provide energy, support the immune system and fill it up. How and if this can work, you can find out here.

What is an Acai diet?

In the Acai diet, the berry of the same name helps to lose weight. Although there are programs in which the dark berry from the Amazon is the only food on the food plan, but it is usually eaten in addition in the form of juice, capsules or powder, more rarely as a fresh fruit. The acai berry came to diet fame when many Hollywood stars claimed to have lost weight with their help.

What is Acai?

The acai berry grows in Brazil as a fruit of the cabbage palm. The berries are one to one and a half inches in size and have a purple, almost black skin in the mature stage.

Acai berries contain many minerals and a lot of calcium for a fruit and high amounts of manganese (trace element, which is mainly responsible for the function of different proteins in the body). The berries are relatively high in calories (data range from 100 to 250 kcal per 100 g), have a high fat and low sugar content. However, Acai owes its reputation as a super berry to its high content of anthocyanin (dark red vegetable dye), which has many positive effects on health (antioxidant effect, protection against blood cancer, radical scavengers).

This is how the Acai Diet works

The acai berry boosts the metabolism and contributes to their well-being through their ingredients. This should make you feel energized and thus develop a growing urge to exercise and exercise. This stimulating effect and because the acai berry contains appetite-inhibiting substances, allegedly let the kilos tumble.

Since the fresh fruits are very sensitive and not well transportable, you get the berries in this country mostly as juice, drink, powder, tablets or in capsules. These are typically taken before a meal or mixed with smoothies. On the internet, you will find some diet recipes for dishes with acai berries for proper preparation during an acai diet.

That brings the Acai diet

The wellbeing can be increased thanks to the many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants quite with the acai berry. But you do not lose weight just by being consumed - in whatever form. There is no scientific evidence or reliable testimonials that indicate a weight-reducing effect.

Risks of the Acai Diet

An acai mono diet is not recommended due to the risk of deficiency symptoms and the yo-yo effect. As far as capsules, tablets and the like are concerned, one should be careful to buy only controlled products and have a look at the ingredients first. Because such products often contain only a few pure acai berries, but lots of sugar and calories.

In fact, the level of antioxidants in acai berries is mediocre. They contain less of it than some red grape or blueberries. Tests on the antioxidant effects of Acai have so far been only in the laboratory, clinical studies, which prove the alleged effect, there is not.

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    That makes your diet successful

    Anyone who has slimmed down before, probably knows the misery: As soon as the dream figure is reached, collect new flab on the hips. Your diet should meet a few important criteria to help you stay lean and beat the yo-yo effect.

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    Simple recipes

    It is important that the diet contains simple recipes or concrete recipe suggestions - only then have a beginner or a cook mustache a chance.

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    The meals should taste good! It does not help if a lover of roast pork and co. Suddenly should eat only green fodder. You do not turn a meat eater into a carrot nibbler so quickly. That's why a good diet takes into account your personal preferences.

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    Losing weight without prohibitions

    Your diet should be without strict prohibitions. From time to time some chocolate or pizza helps to hold on. Forbidden, for example, to exclude certain types of fruit or vegetables, or to allow low-fat yoghurt in the Magerquark taboo.

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    energy density

    Eat more food with less energy density - that's as satisfying as high-calorie food. The body has to burn less calories at the same amount. Low and medium energy densities include, for example, vegetable foods that have not been richly fortified with fat, or lean dairy and meat. Diets based on this principle offer greater chances of success.

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    Slowly reduce weight

    The weight should be lowered slowly when losing weight. The "Hauruckmethode" with less than 1000 calories a day, can melt the pounds though. But mostly it's water and muscles that go flutes. Above all, the body reduces its energy requirements. The result: Most people are quick at their original weight or even weigh more than before, when they return to the "old" eating habits.

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    Beware of vitamin deficiency

    Your diet should not be too one-sided and contain sufficient vitamins and minerals - otherwise deficiency symptoms may occur.

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    Exercise must not be missed

    Losing weight, who consumes more calories than he absorbs - in addition to nutrition and physical activity is an important lever. A good diet encourages them to exercise more.

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    Diet with learning effect

    You have reached your desired weight? The important thing now is that your diet has a learning effect, thus stimulating long-term rethinking. In other words, one analyzes and changes the diet and exercise habits step by step, but over the long term. So the lost pounds do not accumulate quickly on the hips.

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    Beware, wrong promises!

    Losing weight quickly and without much effort - this is not the promise of a serious diet. Especially if the diet is hardly to be changed. Likewise, you should be wary of offers that advertise before and after pictures and that require expensive add-on products for them to work.

Acai diet: conclusion

The acai berry itself is a healthy fruit that can be part of a healthy diet. If you want to save money, but can also access similar products that are cheaper to have (raspberries, blueberries, etc.).

As the sole means of weight loss, the acai berry is likely to be inappropriate, there is no scientific evidence for its effectiveness as a slimming agent.

Miracles are with the Acai Diet none to be expected. Those who want to lose weight long-term and sustainably can not avoid a change in diet and regular exercise.

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