Alcohol: pleasure or abuse?

The health dangers of alcohol are often underestimated. On the question "what is alcoholism?" or "who is alcoholic?" divide the spirits at the counters and in the living rooms.

Alcohol: pleasure or abuse?

"The health dangers of alcohol are very often underestimated, the spirits are divided on the counter and in the living rooms on the question" What is alcoholism? "Or" Who is an alcoholic? "In fact, there are boundaries between pleasure drinking, alcohol abuse and Alcoholism is fluent, with alcohol dependence being by far the most prevalent addiction disease worldwide.

Criteria for alcoholism

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) refers to alcoholism when three of the following six criteria apply:

  • strong or obsessive desire to drink alcohol
  • Problems to limit the consumption of alcohol reliably
  • Withdrawal symptoms if not drunk
  • increased alcohol tolerance neglecting other activities and obligations to drink
  • prolonged drinking despite existing health damage from alcohol consumption.

In fact, three or more criteria apply to a large number of people. However, it is one of the symptoms of addictions in general, and of alcoholism in particular, that an addictive disorder is denied by those affected. In the case of alcoholism is added that alcohol is a permitted and socially accepted drug, which is sometimes even transfigured to indispensable luxury food. This goes so far that in many regions and social groups, for example, increased alcohol tolerance and regular drinking (two of the criteria for alcoholism) are seen as a desirable expression of masculinity. These and other factors mean that sufferers often acknowledge alcoholism and the need for therapy only after decades. And that usually only in greatest need, sometimes only at immediate danger to life.

Know your limit

The Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA) aims to provide intensive information about the many risks of excessive alcohol consumption with the current campaign "Alcohol - Identify Your Limits". The website: provides comprehensive information about the everyday consumption of alcohol and also offers many self-tests. Alcohol Self Test Do you feel that you are drinking too much? Wondering if your health could be endangered by the alcohol? Then you are exactly right here! With the help of 16 test questions you can check your handling of alcohol. You will receive helpful information about risks and problems.

Online Alcohol Calculator

The Promillerechner tells you about how much per thousand you have after a certain number of alcoholic drinks. In addition, the prom calculator also explains how much your perception ability is influenced and what physical consequences alcohol consumption has for you. Motivation Test Based on a scale from 0 to 10 (0 = I am not motivated at all and 10 = I am 100% motivated) you can use this test to find out how strong your motivation is to end alcohol consumption in the long run.

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