Alcohol - know your limit

Most people drink alcohol because it makes them relaxed, easy and funny. Maybe you are not so shy with a few teaspoons in your blood and you dare to do more. Unfortunately, these are not the only effects of alcohol.

Alcohol - know your limit

Many drink alcohol, because it makes relaxed, easy and funny. Maybe you are not so shy with a few teaspoons in your blood and you dare to do more. Even the stress of everyday life and the annoying parents usually fall into oblivion for a few hours in oblivion. But these are by far not the only effects of alcohol. In addition to the supposedly positive effects, the negative consequences for your health are fatal.

When everyone drinks, I drink too

Whether for a birthday party with the best buddy or in a club with friends - alcohol is indispensable on such evenings for many. And even those who really do not like alcohol often drink anyway. Because who does not drink, is quickly as "out" or fun brake. Anyone who gives in to peer pressure or likes to bottle anyway, but harms his health enormously.

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This is how alcohol works

Depending on age, weight and drinking habits, the initially pleasant effect of alcohol at about 0.5 per thousand is increasingly superimposed on unsightly things. First, your behavior and mood change. You feel great, but in reality you are increasingly stunned. Your movements are more uncoordinated, the language becomes sluggish, and you can assess situations less well.

Nausea and bad sex

From about one per thousand you are very drunk. The face turns red, and the pupils dilate. The odds are you'll be sick. Inhibitions disappear and you become more emotional. Some drunks become weepy or aggressive. And even if you may feel great - you may already be bothering the others long ago. Because who is drunk, the others often babbles. Some do things that they feel ashamed of the next day. This also applies, for example, to sex with people with whom you would never have soberly admitted. In men, the alcohol level increases the likelihood of not getting an erection. Even girls have less of the pleasure because of their clouded senses.

Drowned in a coma

At the latest with two to three per thousand until you fall drunk. You stagger while walking and laugh while talking. Listen, see, taste - all sensory perception is limited and you can barely hear what is happening around you. Sometimes the film breaks, so the next day you can not remember what you said or did - or how you ever got home. With more than three per thousand severe symptoms of intoxication occur. Breathing and pulse become so weak that a coma or even death threatens.

Dangerous fight drinking

Drinking a binge or binge drinking, where you get drunk until nothing works, is not a fun pastime, but life-threatening. That's why in 2012 about 26,000 children and adolescents ended up in hospital for alcohol poisoning. This is an increase of 1.4 percent over the previous year - so the trend towards coma drinking is rising. There have also been deaths from too much alcohol.

In spite of everything, the good news is that the adolescents appear to be more reasonable overall. That at least came out in 2012 from a child and youth health study. Accordingly, the young people smoke and drink less than eight years ago. This is not true for the binge drinking.

Addictiveness and long-term consequences

Alcohol is a drug that makes you physically and mentally dependent. Prolonged alcohol abuse damages the liver, brain and heart. The likelihood of many diseases is increasing, including impotence and cancer. Because the organs and brain of adolescents are not yet mature, alcohol is even particularly dangerous for them. If you drink a lot, puberty may be delayed, your ability to concentrate and to memorize things suffers - and thus school grades. The risk of becoming addicted is also greater in adolescents than in adults.

Alcohol makes you fat

After all these horror pictures, another quality of alcohol may sound banal: alcohol makes you pretty fat. In one gram, with six kilocalories is more energy than in sugar, which has only four kilocalories. For example, a 330 milliliter bottle of beer has about 140 kilocalories, a glass of 125 milliliters of wine about 100 kilocalories.

Sweet mixes are especially thick. A can of energy drink (250 ml) plus 30 ml of vodka are about 200 kilocalories. That's more energy than having two bars of chocolate. Such drinks are particularly treacherous, because because they are so sweet, you drink them like lemonade.

The Youth Protection Act is there to protect children and adolescents. It prohibits the sale of alcohol to anyone younger than 16 years old. From 16 you can buy beer and wine, but no harder, brandy-containing drinks such as rum, vodka, whiskey or brandy. This also applies to brandy-containing mixed drinks.

The stay of children and adolescents under 16 years in a restaurant is allowed only in the presence of a guardian. Night clubs are completely taboo.

If your older friends buy alcohol for you or give you something, they make themselves punishable. If you are found drunk, it can be interpreted as neglecting your parenting responsibilities. You can also get in trouble.

Further information and help can be found here:
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