Allergy in baby & child - prognosis

Eczema and allergic asthma can heal on their own. Other allergies accompany the sufferers throughout their lives.

Allergy in baby & child - prognosis

The problem with an allergy is that on the one hand should ban the allergy trigger as possible from the environment of the child, but the other hand, the child should lead a completely normal life. While atopic dermatitis and allergic bronchial asthma often disappear as the children get older, many allergies accompany those affected throughout their lives.

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Allergy in Baby & Child - Prognosis

  • Tips for parents

Tips for parents

  • Teach your child to avoid "allergens" (such as nuts, cats) on their own and independently of adults.
  • If the allergen in question is a food, you must ensure that your child still nourishes a balanced diet, so that later no deficiency symptoms occur.
  • Support the development of child self-esteem. A positive attitude towards life can mitigate allergic reactions (for example, asthma, atopic dermatitis).
  • Encourage your child to take care of the skin, but do not overdo it. Creams should be used with caution (if at all). Deodorants and perfumes are basically nothing for children.
  • Inform teachers and educators. Many eczema-stricken children are tired and unfocused during the day because they do not sleep well at night due to the itching. Even medicines for the allergy can cause fatigue as a side effect.
  • Have your child go to school despite an allergic skin disease. Also swimming pool visits are no problem, as long as the chlorine water does not irritate the skin additionally. An allergy is not contagious and has nothing to do with uncleanliness!
  • Do not blame a child with eczema for scratching, even if scratching is harmful. Praise it rather, if it dominates and overlook small scratch marks. Teach your child how to avoid scratching, e.g. using a scratching block.
  • Make the care of your child's diseased skin pleasant. It should not be a torture. Tell him a story in the meantime, or play him his favorite music. Children with allergies or atopic dermatitis as well as healthy need their "petting".

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