Atkins diet

Eat as much protein as you like - the atkins diet speaks to meat lovers from the heart. Learn here advantages and disadvantages.

Atkins diet

Daily eggs with bacon and meat full: In the Atkins Diet There are no limits to your protein and fat consumption. On the other hand, carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread, cakes, fruits and vegetables should be used sparingly. Who adheres to these principles promotes fat burning, according to Actins. How the Atkins Diet Plan actually works and whether you are losing weight healthily, read here.

What is the Atkins diet?

According to the American cardiologist Dr. Robert Atkins meals with lots of meat, fish, cheese and eggs make you lose weight without having to drastically reduce your fat intake. Therefore, the Atkins diet allows you to eat as much protein and fat as you like.

Carbohydrate-containing foods should rarely land on the plate. These include bread, potatoes, pasta or rice, sweets and cakes, as well as fruits and vegetables. An exception is lettuce. He has little carbohydrates and is primarily made of water - so you can eat as much of it as you want. Snacking is also allowed, as it is rich in protein, but not rich in carbohydrates bites.

The aim is to change the diet so that fats 40 to 45 percent, protein accounts for about 40 percent and carbohydrates between 15 and 20 percent of the total calorie intake.

This is how the Atkins diet works

The Atkins diet makes use of a simple principle of human metabolism: its preferred source of energy is carbohydrates, which are absorbed through the diet. If these are not available to the body, it first burns its carbohydrate reserves, the glycogen stores in muscles and liver. Since glycogen binds water in the body, it eliminates much water at the beginning of the Atkins diet. This quickly shows on the scales - and is mistakenly considered by many to be the first customer success. When the glycogen stores are emptied, the body uses energy stored in the body to store stored fats and proteins.

Bad breath as a sign of fat burning

However, the body can not use fats directly as an energy source. The fatty acids are therefore converted into so-called ketone bodies in the liver. The by-product is acetone, which is noticeable to outsiders as an unpleasant mouth and body odor.

Because it could come in the very one-sided diet of the Atkins diet quickly to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, the Atkins diet plan recommends appropriate nutrient supplements to supplement. Abspeckwillige should also drink plenty of water to flush the resulting ketone body out of the body.

That brings the Atkins diet

At the Atkins Diet you can eat without counting calories. This also applies to high-fat foods that are normally considered as fattening. Fat alone saturates quickly, but not in the long term. On the other hand, the protein contained in fish, meat or eggs, as well as the ketones produced by the body, make the feeling of hunger disappear for a long time. Some studies on the Atkins diet also show that overweight people on a low-carbohydrate diet lose more weight and more weight in the first few weeks and months than with a reduced-fat mixed diet.

Risks of the Atkins diet

The Atkins diet distinguishes between "forbidden" and "allowed" foods and therefore promotes rigid eating habits, which in turn promotes a shift between dietary phases and uncontrollable cravings with rampant food the so-called yo-yo effect is often the result.

Other negative effects:

  • The high protein intake pollutes the kidneys.
  • The high number of ketone bodies promotes the development of gout.
  • The very fatty foods can increase blood lipid levels.
  • In the long term, this can cause cardiovascular discomfort.

In any case, even the biggest lover of pork knuckle and beef roulades will soon long for fresh fruit and vegetables with this one-sided diet.

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    The best sports for losing weight

    If you want to lose weight, you should also bet on sport. Because exercise makes the fat deposits disappear faster, builds up energy-burning muscles, lifts the mood - and counteracts frustration eating. In addition, one feels in a fit body more comfortable, even if he (still) not slim. Not all sports are equally suitable for obese people. We have put together the best for you.

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    Stamina or strength?

    Endurance training usually burns more energy than strength training. However, in the latter case, you build up more muscle mass that burns energy even when you are sitting comfortably on the couch. A combination of three endurance and two muscle training sessions per week is therefore ideal.Optimal are before the first training a sports medical check and a consultation by a trained coach.

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    Body-Styling & Gymnastics

    Whether it's Pilates, power yoga or step aerobics: Gymnastics is the perfect sport for the inexperienced and anyone who has a few kilos too much on their ribs. There are very gentle on the joints, in addition, community colleges and fitness studios now also offer gymnastics classes especially for the overweight. The exercises are designed so that they do not overtax the knees and ankles. The insider tip: Aquafitness. Because the buoyancy in the water, the training is very gentle.

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    Hiking and walking

    Walking or walking are the gentle alternatives to jogging. Especially for people who feel uncomfortable in short sports pants and tank tops, this type of movement is suitable. Even if fast running burns more energy - you can last longer without losing your temper.

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    Dancing is not only fun, it's also great endurance training. Who moves to music, often does not notice the effort. And the strain can be individually adapted to one's own fitness. A side effect: in a dance class not only the pounds melt. He is a great opportunity to meet new people.

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    To go biking

    Cycling is the ideal everyday sport. On the way to work or shopping, calories can be burned by the way. The advantage: The wheel carries the body weight and relieves the joints on the legs. Even completely untrained people can swing on their bikes: Because you can regulate how fast or slow you want to drive.

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    Swimming is also great for burning fat. They can take their personal fitness into account and train according to their own needs. If you are worried about showing off in tight bathing suits: Find a Diving Pool. Together you are better prepared against prying eyes.

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    Keep up!

    No matter what activity you choose, it should be fun for you! For only those who manage to integrate sport into their lives in the long term will thus reduce their weight or keep it down in the long term. For many, training with others helps overcome the inner bastard. So ask friends or partners if they feel like doing sports together with you.

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    Sport alone is not enough

    Although exercise should be an important part of any diet - exercise alone is usually not enough to lose weight. To lose one kilo of body fat, you have to burn 7,000 kilocalories. That's about ten to twenty hours of exercise - depending on the intensity. In combination with changes in eating habits, however, sport has a lot to do: It activates the metabolism and builds up muscles that need more energy even at rest than sluggish adipose tissue.

Atkins Diet: Conclusion

The Atkins diet is controversial among nutrition experts and is classified as one-sided and potentially harmful to health. Nutritionists believe that low-carbohydrate diets - those diets that rely heavily on carbohydrates - may cause various health problems and damage, including kidney failure, liver damage, acne, and constipation.

Stay away from Atkins

Overall, the Atkins diet is not balanced but contains too few carbohydrates and too many fats. Increased intake of saturated fatty acids may increase cardiovascular risk factors, and a high-fat diet is associated with the development of type 2 diabetes. Keep your hands off the Atkins Diet.

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