Babies 10th month

In the 10th month, your child is a small personality with his own will. Read how your baby develops motor, mental and emotional.

Babies 10th month

The urge to move your baby is pronounced in the tenth month. Turning, sealing, crawling, sitting and pulling are now among your child's favorite pastimes. It takes a lot of energy for that. Also, read how your baby's diet changes in the tenth month.

The 10th month

In the tenth month, your baby puts all his power into the further development of his motor skills. While the mental development has to go back because of the movement zeal, your baby succeeds in the tenth month better to release from you. Baby groups now exert a great fascination for your child.

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10th month - physical development

Your baby is growing more slowly in the tenth month than it was at the beginning. From the ninth to the twelfth month of life, your offspring will gain a total of about one kilogram and grow to 3-4 cm. In the tenth month, your baby has clothing size 80, shoe size 19 and wears caps in size 48/50.

Motorical development

In the tenth month exercise is capitalized on your baby. It rolls, pushes and crawls through her apartment. Not all children are the same level of development. Crawling is a highly complex process for babies to learn first. To move the arm forward and then move the opposite leg a step requires great coordination.

In order for your baby to be able to control his motor skills at the age of ten months, the brain needs information about the position of the limbs and the muscle tension. The responsible receptors are located in the tendons and muscles. With increasing growth, the brain receives new information that it processes to adapt to your baby's new movement patterns in the tenth month.

When your baby is one of the fast-starters in the tenth month, it's already safely running along furniture and making first free steps. In the tenth month, your baby may not be able to leave alone and needs your help.

Your child can sit down alone with ten months and go back to the quadruped stand.

In baby's tenth month, fine motor skills have evolved. Your baby is ten months in the position to hold a drinking cup with side handles safely in the hand. Your offspring will now start with more success, to bring the spoon to the mouth.

The development of the senses

Babies in the tenth month love colorful colors and sounds. Your baby has ten months on well-developed sensory organs that it uses in everyday life to get to coveted toys.

The motor development of your baby in the tenth month also has an influence on the development of his senses, because the body perception and coordination ability is thereby decisively strengthened. Your baby is safer in his movements for the tenth month. Small accidents are now rare.

The sensitive taste buds give your 10-month-old baby hints as to whether it likes carrots or spinach.

10th month - spiritual development

Your baby may be one of the explorers for the tenth month, and the focus is on the movement. Your child will do his utmost to develop his skills and prepare for running. There is little time left to concentrate on the mental component, which will be postponed until later.

Maybe her baby is busy with toys in the tenth month, scanning them carefully and thus promoting mental development.

But do not worry, babies in the tenth month are mostly busy with their zeal for movement. An important process that strengthens depth perception. Your baby receives important information about the distance between objects during his discovery tours.

In addition, your baby deepens his knowledge of object permanence for the tenth month. It tracks objects with its eyes and is able to follow you physically. So your child can follow a ball at ten months and find that he is not gone, even if he has disappeared from view.

Emotional development

At ten months, your baby is your own little personality. The "no" now has a firm place in his vocabulary and it demands his will. Already in the tenth month of your baby conclusions can be drawn from his behavior on the subsequent personality.

Over the last few months, you've built a solid foundation of trust with your 10-month-old baby, and it's paying off. In the tenth month, her baby dares on her own little discovery tours, as it is sure that they are still there.

At ten months, her baby knows his surroundings and the people who belong to the firm circle. It is exactly who is the mother, father, brother or grandmother. In the tenth month, your baby gets involved with caregivers and communicates with them.

Now the interaction with other children will be interesting. Her baby watches other playmates in the tenth month and interacts with them with gestures and sounds.

Social development and communication

"No" - you hear this clear statement frequently from your baby in the tenth month. With this your offspring demonstrates its will. With lesser known people, the "no" is also used to differentiate, for example, if someone wants to take your baby on the arm.

In addition to the syllable chains that your child has already learned in the last month, your baby communicates for the tenth month, especially with physical signals and emotions. With an expectant joy, it can tell its opponent his desire to play or hide, if it does not trust the other person.

10th month - How to playfully promote your child

Promote your baby's development in the tenth month with appropriate learning materials.

picture books: In the tenth month, your baby will be able to look at picture books together with you to improve your understanding of the language. The most suitable are feeling books or those that show simple motifs. Speak loudly to your 10-month-old baby and encourage her to replicate the words.

gossip Games: Babies with ten months love gossiping. By the way, you promote the coordination of the hands. In the design you have no limits. Take the time-tested "Backe Cake", invent your own rhyme or clap your hands to a nursery rhyme.

water Features: To boost your baby's fine motor skills in the tenth month, you can give him cups filled with water to play with. Motivate your offspring to fill the water from one cup to another.

Visit to the pediatrician in the 10th month

From the tenth to the twelfth month of life, you can have the check-up U6 performed. Your pediatrician examines especially the mobility and the age-appropriate growth. Also a vaccination is on. Read here how the check-up U6 runs.

Is your baby slowly getting rid of your chest in the tenth month? This is a completely normal process. The solid food now provides your baby with the energy it needs to keep up with the urge to move. You can slowly get your baby used to family diet in the tenth month. Be careful not to feed spicy foods. More tips on baby's diet in the tenth month can be found here.

At first, digestive problems or abdominal pain can occur when family diet is introduced.

Do you feel that your baby is growing too little or not eating enough in the tenth month? Then talk to your pediatrician about it.

Tips for the 10th month

Avoid baby talk: Even if it sounds cute, you should set the baby language in the tenth month. Formulate the words slowly and correctly to promote language development.

The TV is not a babysitter: Do not use the TV as an employment or promotional activity. Studies have shown that the offspring, who regularly watched the alleged promotion program on television between the age of 8 and 16, could not speak as well as other children.

Children dishes: Encourage your baby to eat for the tenth month. An appealing children's plate (BPA free) and a children's cutlery, which is ergonomically shaped, facilitates self-service.

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