Bach flower therapy

Bach flower remedies assume that there are psychological causes behind physical illnesses. Therefore, they could also be healed on a spiritual level.

Bach flower therapy

Bach flower remedies assume that there are psychological causes behind physical illnesses. Therefore, they could also be healed on a spiritual level. Negative mental behaviors such as inappropriate guilt, excessive will to assertiveness or lack of purpose could become the trigger for disease or hinder the healing of existing diseases. The causes of a disease are thus sought within the human being. Critics argue that patients may be under psychological pressure if personal behavior is considered to be the cause of disease.

Bach Flower theory

The founder of Bach flower therapy is the English physician Edward Bach. He developed a system of 38 "nature's delights". These are 37 flowers plus rock water, which are composed individually for each person.
He divided these 38 essences into seven groups. He assigned a certain plant or spring water to each of these mental states:

  • Dejection,
  • Anxiety,
  • lack of interest in the present,
  • Lonliness,
  • exaggerated concern for others,
  • Hypersensitivity,
  • Uncertainty.

The Bach Flower Therapy is intended to harmonize these negative mental behavior patterns and stimulate the self-healing powers. In addition, it should promote the development of the personality. The Bach Flower Therapy is not part of herbal medicine (phytotherapy), because the plant parts used are often no known medicinal plants.

Individual flower combinations

The Bach flower therapy does not directly treat physical illnesses, but sets impulses on the emotional level. For example Gentian (autumn gentian) is regarded as a belief blossom: doubters should gain confidence. Holly (Holly) is a heart-opening blossom that transforms hardheartedness into generosity. The therapist finds the suitable flowers when talking to the patient. Mostly different flower essences are combined.

Rescue Drops

Bach selected five flowers from the 38 flowers, which he then put together to form an emergency mixture (rescue drops). This should help to cope better with an unforeseen fright situation, bad news or fierce conflicts. In addition, she should help with fears, for example, before exams, surgery or a visit to a dentist. The Rescue drops contain the following ingredients: Star of Bethlehem (doldy milk star) against shock, Rock Rose (yellow sunflower) against panic feelings and anxiety, Impatiens (balsam) against stress and tension, Cherry Plum (cherry plum) against despair and Clematis against dreaminess.

Healing vibration

The flowers are picked on a summer day in full sunlight, placed in a glass bowl with fresh spring water, and this is placed for a few hours in the sun (sun method). According to Bach's thoughts, the sun transfers the vibrational pattern of the flowers into the medium of water, which is thus energetically altered. The flowers are taken out, the remaining solution is the mother tincture. It is diluted with alcohol, filled into vials and later diluted for therapy. The vibration in the fluid should have a healing effect on the mental states.

Not all plants used bloom in the summer, so there is a second method to make the essences: The flowers are picked, boiled and then filtered several times. This solution is preserved with alcohol. Bach flowers are available by mail order and in pharmacies.

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    Acupuncture - when does it help?

    A little spunk and already the pain is gone? Especially in pain, many people swear by acupuncture. In fact, several studies show that the old method of healing can be effective - at least in some areas. Read more here.

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    What is acupuncture?

    Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The millennia-old Chinese healing method is based on the concept of interconnections in the body. Through them, according to the idea, the life energy circulates Qi. By placing fine acupuncture needles in the right places, disturbances and blockages in the flow of energy can be eliminated, thereby improving physical and psychological problems.

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    hot flashes

    During menopause, many women are affected by hot flashes. Hormone therapy can help but is highly controversial. Therefore, many affected people rely on alternative medicine. And indeed, a large meta-study with nearly 900 women between the ages of 40 and 60 has shown that acupuncture can help. The frequency of hot flashes fell by a third and the severity of the complaints by almost half.

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    back pain

    The fine needles can also help against the pains of the people.Several studies have found that both targeted and voluntary needles help with pain and have a positive effect on mobility. The best results were when the acupuncture was combined with other therapies such as physiotherapy or pain medications.

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    neck pain

    Chronic neck pain has many causes: a wrong attitude in front of the computer, a damaged psyche or signs of wear on the spine. Acupuncture effectively relieves pain, a study shows - better than traditional treatments such as massages and pain medications. Acupuncture pain dropped 32 percent. With conventional therapies, it was only 23 percent.

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    Chronic pain

    Chronic pain, such as in the neck, back of the head or knees, can severely affect the quality of life. Standard procedures such as physiotherapy, analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs can help. Even better they work in combination with acupuncture, as a British study with 18,000 subjects showed.

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    high blood pressure

    Needles for high blood pressure? Yes, say John Longhurst and his team from University of California-Irvine. They asked how effective electroacupuncture is in this regard. The result: electroacupuncture had an effect in 70 percent of the subjects - both in terms of average blood pressure and peak values. On average, the upper blood pressure decreased by six to eight millimeters Hg - while the lower value averaged four millimeters Hg.

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    The suffering of fibromyalgia patients is enormous. But the possibilities to help them are limited. Classic painkillers often do not strike them. Acupuncture could possibly bring relief. A study has shown that the needles can reduce the pain by about 40 percent. Also, fatigue and depressive symptoms had improved. Even one year after a nine-week treatment, patients still benefited from the treatment.

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    Even with overweight needles can help. Subjects who were permanently needled at five points in the pinna for eight weeks lost an average of 6.1 percent of their body weight. Participants who only had needling in the ear lost as much as 5.7 percent of their weight.

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    infant colic

    Babies also benefit from acupuncture. A study of just under 150 infants showed that the Far Eastern method helps the little ones with abdominal pain. "If babies cry more than three hours a day, it could be a colic behind - and acupuncture an effective treatment option," write the study authors.

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    Acupuncture is also popular for typical pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or back pain. And also for birth preparation, during or after birth, this alternative and gentle healing method seems to be successful. It can even shorten the birth by two hours, as a study with 800 women showed.

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    Try it!

    Serious side effects of acupuncture are not yet known. Very rarely are local bleeding or minor bruising, sometimes fatigue or mild dizziness. Therefore it says: Trying out can not hurt!

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