Bicycle seating position

When it comes to relaxed cycling, the driver should better choose a more upright position to avoid back and neck pain.

Bicycle seating position

In the Tour de France and other cycling events, it is a common sight, drivers who bend down their back and in the flatest possible attitude to reach top speeds. This looks very dynamic and professional, but in the long run, the body does not agree with such a streamlined attitude. If it is not about placements, but only about relaxed driving, the driver should better choose a more upright position. Especially when there is already pain in the shoulders, neck or back, an upright posture is necessary.

Ergonomic sitting position

In order to achieve an ergonomic position on the bike, it should first be adapted to the body of the driver. But that is not the same with every bike. A road bike, for example, built for fast and sporty driving and is therefore less suitable for ergonomic driving. On the other hand, most conventional bikes, such as trekking bikes, are well adjusted.

The saddle

It is important that the driver is generally comfortable. This is best achieved with a wide and soft gel saddle. The positive effect is that in conjunction with a sprung seat post, the spine is effectively relieved when riding upright.

  • Before riding, adjust the wheel
  • Before driving the saddle and handlebars should be adjusted to the size of the driver.

The correct height of the saddle is achieved when the driver's leg is stretched while sitting on the saddle and resting his foot on the pedal below. The position of the handlebar depends mainly on its shape. The arms should always be stretched out loosely while sitting relaxed and the wrists should be slightly angled. By the way, the horns on the handlebars are a useful supplement, since they allow you to alternate between different grip positions, preventing deafness in the fingers or painful joints.

Posture while driving

On the bike, the same applies as when sitting on a chair. If you are sitting in a dynamic position, often changing your sitting position, you are right. Because even here a rigid posture is not appropriate. Rather, only a change of positions leads to relaxation at all. To take a dynamic position on the bike, it is advisable to sit mostly upright or slightly inclined. In any case, the characteristic "cat hump" of the racers should be avoided. So that your back can recover from long periods of sitting, you should always step in between standing. The center of gravity should be on the saddle throughout the ride if possible.

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