Cosmetic surgery

Many adolescents find that they do not conform to the usual beauty ideal that they know from television, advertising and glossy magazines. Therefore, they want to help with cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery

Would you prefer a nose without bumps, more breasts or the fat on butt, stomach, hips? Then you are not alone, because a flawless and perfectly styled body is enormously important for many young people. Celebrities like the singers BeyoncΓ© and Lady Gaga or TV series like Heidi Klum's "Germany's Next Top Model" show it to you: Only those who are beautiful and slim can make it to the top. Many young people find that they do not conform to the usual beauty ideal that they know from television, advertising and glossy magazines. Above all, if you are still in puberty and looking for your role in life and friends, you are particularly receptive to such ideals.

Hitlist: ears, noses, thighs

At first glance, it might look really tempting for you to aspirate fat in a few minutes instead of racking your kilos down for weeks or training while exercising, wearing silicone pillows in your bosom instead of bra with stuffing, or an unobtrusive snub nose instead of the character's flask. Some adolescents - albeit not the majority - would prefer to embellish the ugly parts of their bodies with surgery.

According to a survey of the children's barometer of the LBS initiative "Young Families", 20 percent of 9- to 14-year-olds want a beauty surgery. However, more girls would be under the knife than boys. In the US, even some teenagers get a breast surgery to graduate.
At the top of the hit list are corrections to the ears, noses or thighs, the redesign of the eyelids, lips, breasts, labia and the penis.

Expensive and can make you sick

But: Cosmetic surgery is surgery on a body that is healthy and not ill. And things can go wrong, because every operation, no matter where, carries risks and side effects. Also, the result does not have to be as you imagined. In addition, such procedures are also quite expensive - the health insurance usually comes only for breast reduction for medical reasons, for example, back pain or if you are mentally out of balance. The same applies to the ears.

What is beautiful?

Everybody answers this question differently. Some like tall, slender girls, the others like it more, if at the partner "what's wrong". Of course, this also applies to the female preferences. Not everyone likes a washboard belly, but not everyone likes the jerk.

However, it is clear that advertising has a big impact on the body cult and ensures that you get an unrealistic picture of a perfect body and see it as an ideal. This can also be dangerous - think of the many girls with eating disorders or the male muscle guns, which incorporate doping, just to get more Muckis.

Everyone finds something nice, and to find a friend, you do not have to look like a model.

How old do you have to be?

Currently there is no minimum age for plastic surgery for children and adolescents. However, if you are under 18 years of age, your two parents must consent to surgery.

Your body is not fully mature at a young age. The European Union has therefore recommended to its members not to perform any cosmetic surgery before the age of 18. This applies, for example, to breast surgery, especially breast augmentation. And many qualified and responsible doctors in Germany agree. Although this recommendation is not a law, it is generally respected and complied with.

Find out reasons

But even with 18 years you are not necessarily mature enough for such a far-reaching decision. With every desire for a plastic surgery, it is important why you are so dissatisfied with your body or certain body parts. Maybe you get detailed advice from a psychologist or a psychologist? Many doctors are demanding this anyway before surgery. Also, you should take enough time to think about your decision. Because sometimes it still succeeds that you will be better friends with your body and a beauty correction done by itself.

For problem cases, however, cosmetic surgery is definitely a good thing. Anyone who has spent years sailing around the world gains self-confidence and self-confidence unless everyone stares and smiles at the blemish. But it would also be wrong to believe that an operation beautifies you just like a hairdresser's visit. It will not make you a completely new person and not solve all your problems.

It is important how you see yourself, because an old saying is: beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and is not necessarily what the advertising and media you play. Every human being is unique, in all its optical and human facets - and beautiful too!

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