Acai diet
In the Acai diet, the fruit of the same name should help to let the pounds tumble. But that does not mean that one only eats Acai Acai diet - rather, the diet is supplemented accordingly. The berry is supposed to stimulate the metabolism, provide energy, support the immune system and fill it up.
Atkins diet
Daily eggs with bacon and meat full: With the Atkins diet, your protein and fat consumption knows no bounds. On the other hand, carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread, cakes, fruits and vegetables should be used sparingly. Who adheres to these principles promotes fat burning, according to Actins. How the Atkins Diet Plan actually works and whether you are losing weight healthily, read here.
Hcg diet
In the HCG diet, the pregnancy hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is injected. The body should be fooled, he has to provide a fetus and it must reduce fat reserves on hips and thighs. In addition, the hormone to dampen hunger and improve the skin texture.
Hollywood diet
Slim as the stars - that promises the Hollywood diet. The protein-rich, low-fat food combining relies on the enzymes of exotic fruits such as pineapple and Co. It has become known through the screen stars of the first major Hollywood films. Read here how the Hollywood diet works and whether you can lose weight permanently and healthily.
Metabolic balance
Metabolic Balance is less of a diet in the traditional sense than a holistic nutritional program. It is tailored to the individual's metabolism and is based on the assumption that blood sugar fluctuations favor being overweight. The aim is to use an individualized diet to regulate, optimize and, if desired, reduce weight.
Metabolic diet
In the metabolic diet should be stimulated by a certain composition of food metabolism. Above all, protein-containing foods dominate the meals. This accelerates the energy expenditure and the pounds tumble - so the advocates of this diet. Learn here what the metabolic diet causes.
With the Montignac method, a carbohydrate-conscious diet should lower insulin levels and normalize blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates are classified as "good" (low glycemic index) and "bad" (high glycemic index). Thus, according to the theory, the organism is detoxified and positively influenced certain metabolic functions.
As the name suggests, the zero diet is completely dispensed with, similar to fasting diets. Only calorie-free drinks such as water and tea are allowed to lose weight as quickly as possible. Read here which advantages and disadvantages the zero diet offers.
Healthy weight loss on points you could also call the diet based on Nutripoints. Instead of calories, points are counted that are assigned to different foods. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of Nutripoints here. What are Nutripoints? All the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber in a food get points - with cholesterol, fat and alcohol there is a negative sign.
Paleo diet
Paleo stands for Paleolithic, the Paleolithic. Accordingly, the idea behind the Paleo diet is to feed oneself like the Stone Age people, that is: as natural as possible, no grain, no legumes or dairy products. This stone age diet is not a diet in the traditional sense, it is rather a diet that is supposed to keep you healthy.
Protein diet
In principle, protein diet is a very protein-rich diet. The high protein content of the food should last longer full. How much protein is consumed and whether protein shakes are used to lose weight depends on the program. Read how the protein diet works and what it does.
The concept of Volumetrics is based on the assumption that people eat enough food until they feel full - no matter how many calories the food has. That's why Volumetrics has high-volume, low-calorie foods on the menu that are designed to fill you up and make you lean. Read here how the Volumetrics diet works.
Pilates is a gentle full-body workout made up of harmonious movements that flow smoothly into each other. The program includes strength, coordination and stretching exercises designed to tone, shape and strengthen the body. Among other things, the body center is to be strengthened by Pilates, the term "Powerhouse".
The Schroth cure is a fasting method by which the body detoxifies and various diseases are alleviated or avoided. A side effect is the sometimes considerable weight loss in this course, in which alternate drinking and drying days. Read here the most important information about the Schroth cure.
In the case of base fasting, only foods are eaten that have a basic effect and neutralize the body. This is to prevent the bases having to take over the removal of the acids and thereby to break down important minerals in the body. In addition, the deacidification to protect against various diseases or alleviate them.