Five minutes of office gymnastics

An unfavorable and permanently same working attitude deteriorates the own efficiency. With just a few exercises in between, you will be able to stay fit in the workplace.

Five minutes of office gymnastics

Fast, relaxing, effective: With a few exercises in between, you stay fit at work

Unfavorable and above all permanently uniform work postures can bind up to 40 percent of your personal performance if non-physiological sitting is not actively corrected? At least from today you should follow the following exercises, which you are sure to send relaxed after work.

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Relaxed neck

  • Tilt the head to the side or forward.
  • Strengthen stretching by pulling the hands.
  • Press the shoulder of the opposite side towards the ground.
  • You can feel the stretch in the neck area.
  • Stretch for 20 seconds.


  • Hook fingers into each other's chest and pull.
  • Firmly tighten shoulder blades.
  • Hold voltage for 2 times 10 seconds.


  • Arms in "hands-up position".
  • Pull arms and shoulders backwards.
  • Bend something forward.
  • Pay attention to a straight back. and slight abdominal muscle tension.
  • Hold for 15-30 seconds.

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    Before you take part, you must clean your dustbin thoroughly - it must not come to the destination, according to the rules of the race, neither dirty nor stinking!

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Upper body strain

  • Bend upper body forward and make your back completely round.
  • Pulling the hands on the ankles can increase the stretch.
  • When standing up, lean on your thighs with your hands.
  • Retain position for 20 seconds.

shoulder circles

  • Put both hands on your shoulders and use your elbows to describe large circles.
  • Circle forwards, backwards or in the opposite direction.


  • Hands with upper body stretched towards the ceiling.
  • Similar to the train on a rope ladder, grab alternately with the left and right hand upwards and thereby "getting bigger".
  • Make relatively small upward movements.
  • Avoid strong torso fluctuations.
  • About 20 of these stretching-climbing movements are enough.
  • Make sure you have a continuous, relaxed breathing.


  • Place arm at shoulder height horizontally to the body.
  • Turn one arm so that the thumb points up.
  • The hand of the other arm pulls on the upper arm, while the head turns to the opposite side.
  • Hold for 20 seconds.
  • Always breathe calmly and relaxed.

washboard abs

  • When sitting upright on the front edge of the chair, lift one leg slightly.
  • The palm of the hand presses against the thigh.
  • Static holding in this position.
  • Pay attention to correct breathing, especially a clear exhalation.
  • Hold the position on each side for 10 to 12 seconds.

Relaxation for the lower back

  • Just sit on the chair and pull a leg close to you.
  • Grasp the bent leg with both hands.
  • Now pull the clasped leg even closer to you.
  • Then try to stretch the leg against the resistance of the hands.
  • You feel a stretching sensation in the lower back.
  • Keep position for 20 seconds while breathing continuously.

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