Hcg diet

The pregnancy hormone hcg is said to help you lose weight. Learn more about the benefits and risks of the hcg diet.

Hcg diet

In the HCG Diet the pregnancy hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is injected. The body should be fooled, he has to provide a fetus and it must reduce fat reserves on hips and thighs. In addition, the hormone to dampen hunger and improve the skin texture. Find out here if the HCG diet is hocus-pocus or really helps.

What is the HCG diet?

The HCG diet has existed for over 60 years and was developed by the English doctor. Albert Simeons. He then injected his "patient" with a daily dose of HCG. Meanwhile, various manufacturers also offer HCG drops, sprays or pills that contain the hormone sometimes only in homeopathic dose.

In addition to the daily HCG dose, the HCG diet reduces the energy intake per day to 500 kcal, which is a so-called hypocaloric diet. Due to the strict regulation, the pounds should tumble - thanks to HCG targeted at certain points (hips, thighs).

HCG is a protein hormone that is responsible for the maintenance of pregnancy and is formed during this. The hormone is also used to treat infertility. The medicine is not approved for weight loss. Among other things, warn the US Food and Drug Administration FDA and the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) in principle against such dubious slimming products that are offered on the Internet.

This is how the HCG diet works

The HCG diet plan extends for up to six weeks. HCG is supplied daily from the beginning. On the first two days, the weight loss taker should eat as much as he can, preferably high in fat and calories. Presumably one wants to oversaturate the body and generate desire for healthy food. During the actual diet, sugar, fat and alcohol are prohibited, only 500 kcal (the German Society of Nutrition recommends a reduction to a maximum of 1,000 kcal) per day are allowed.

A typical day during a HCG cure looks like this: tea or coffee without sugar, a maximum of one teaspoon of milk (the daily ration) for breakfast, at noon come 100 grams of meat or fish (no pig) and a vegetable variety on the plate. There is also a breadsticks or a slice of toast and a handful of fruit. The same applies to the dinner.

That brings the HCG diet

In fact, you lose weight quickly and noticeably with the HCG diet. However, this is not due to the hormone, but to the drastically reduced daily calorie amount.

Risks of the HCG diet

The restriction to 500 calories alone is highly questionable. Over a longer period threatened by the strict HCG diet plan massive nutrient and mineral and vitamin deficiencies, the metabolism goes extremely low, muscle is broken down and the body will bunk at the end of the HCG cure only the more zealous calories (yo-yo effect ).

Also, the intake of the hormone is problematic in the HCG diet. Side effects can be, among other things, regular disturbances and hair loss as well as thrombosis.

Anyone who worries about the hormone on the Internet also risks that he will buy a counterfeit product. This is at best ineffective, but in the worst case can be harmful or even toxic. Either way, the cost of the hormone varies greatly.

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    Fasting - that's it!

    For days nothing biting? That sounds like stomach growls and renunciation. In fact, more and more people voluntarily abstain from eating for a while - and not just during Lent. With this they hope not only to get rid of one or two bacon rolls, but above all to do something for their health. Find out what fasting can actually do.

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    Slim figure

    Of course you lose weight if you do not eat for days. But a lot of it is water. Fat deposits are indeed nibbled - two to three kilos are in a fasting week in it. However, the body switches to low flame and then comes out with less food. Most of the figure brings fasting when you use it, then consume more consciously. Anyone who moves while fasting loses more fat and less muscle mass.

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    Normalized sugar levels

    Fasting can do a small miracle in type 2 diabetes. It affects the blood sugar metabolism. Among other things, the body cells become more sensitive to insulin again. Some diabetics can reduce their medications after a fasting cure or even omit them altogether. But beware: Sick people, especially diabetics, should fast only under medical supervision!

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    Protection for the heart

    In addition to the blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and blood pressure also drop during fasting - and luckily over the long term. This reduces the risk of calcified vessels, heart attack and stroke. A key role in these phenomena plays the belly fat.It produces messenger substances that adversely affect the metabolism. If the fat deposits in the middle of the body disappear, fewer messenger substances are also produced.

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    Relieved pain

    During fasting, some pain patients can significantly reduce their painkillers. One possible explanation: At the beginning of fasting, the cortisol level increases. The hormone acts like an endogenous analgesic.

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    Fasting in cancer

    Simply starve the tumor while fasting? Sounds good, but does not work, and can even be life threatening! Many cancer patients are decreasing dramatically anyway. The situation is different with short-term fasting just before chemotherapy: it works better and has fewer side effects. The reason: Healthy body cells slow down their metabolism during fasting and thus absorb less toxin. For cancer cells, the opposite is true. At least that shows tests on mice.

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    Cheering joints

    Whether osteoarthritis, gout or rheumatism: The joints also benefit from a fasting cure. In addition to the aforementioned analgesic effect, fasting also reduces inflammatory processes in the body. One reason for this is the absence of animal fats. The arachidonic acids contained therein otherwise promote inflammation. The same applies to all proteins that enter the body at every meal and allow the number of white blood cells in the blood to rise measurably.

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    Effective immune defense

    Most pathogens enter the body through food. Therefore, the intestine is the body part with the most active immune defense. By abstaining from food, significantly fewer pathogens are taken during fasting. This relieves the immune system and can have a positive effect on its effectiveness.

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    Good mood

    If you are hungry, you are in a bad mood. This is not true when fasting - on the contrary! On the one hand, the feeling of hunger disappears when the intestine is emptied. On the other hand, fasting seems to raise the level of the happiness hormone serotonin - it is broken down more slowly than usual. It therefore acts like a natural antidepressant. The mood is rising. For some, this pleasing effect will last longer.

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    Slag adรฉ?

    Stubborn is the conviction that those who fast, be body freed of harmful slags. This is not scientifically sustainable - the human body is a detoxification genius anyway. The kidneys, liver and digestive tract remove or neutralize most of the poisons within a few hours. So the body does not accumulate cinders that need to be disposed of during fasting.

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    For whom fasting is taboo

    Anyone who is ill should only fast under medical supervision. For some people fasting is even quite taboo. These include children, pregnant women, breastfeeding and old people - and those who are underweight or even anorexic anyway. Also, people with heart, liver and kidney disease. Even those who suffer from other serious illnesses such as cancer should never fast (with the exception of short and just before chemotherapy).

HCG diet: conclusion

That HCG helps to lose weight, is not scientifically proven. In America, it is even explicitly stated on the package leaflet that there is no substantial evidence that this hormone promotes weight loss or alleviates hunger and other unpleasant side effects of a high-calorie diet.

Although the very low total calorie count per day leads to rapid weight loss, it leads to malnutrition in the long run and can cause health damage. There is no learning effect on a healthy, well-balanced diet, but a yo-yo effect is very likely.

Various authorities and institutes advise of the HCG Diet or warn you against it. A miracle remedy for losing weight is certainly not the pregnancy hormone.

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