Hollywood diet

Slim as the stars - that promises the hollywood diet. Read how it works and if you can lose weight like that

Hollywood diet

Slim as the stars - that promises the Hollywood Diet, The protein-rich, low-fat food combining relies on the enzymes of exotic fruits such as pineapple and Co. It has become known through the screen stars of the first major Hollywood films. Read here how the Hollywood diet works and whether you can lose weight permanently and healthily.

What is the Hollywood diet?

The Hollywood diet has its origins in the 1920s. She was supposed to help movie actors to get a slim stature. Luxury foods played an important role in the Hollywood diet of the time, such as seafood or tropical fruits. Today, especially the fruits are still part of the diet, because the enzymes contained therein should support the digestion.

The Hollywood diet is a form of food combining that does not eat high-protein and carbohydrate-rich foods together. That should let the pounds tumble.

This is how the Hollywood diet works

The general orientation of the Hollywood diet is: rich in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates. Tropical fruits contain a lot of carbohydrates, so they are only available as a snack two hours apart from the previous and following meal. Enzymes of tropical fruits help with digestion. But that's a marvel, the enzymes are already broken down in the stomach.

Hollywood Diet: That's allowed on the plate

Carbohydrate-rich foods, such as potatoes, cereals and cereal products, as well as sugar are prohibited - because they are considered in the Hollywood diet as fattening. Instead, land on the plate:

  • lean meat, lean fish and seafood
  • salad
  • low-carbohydrate vegetables
  • tropical fruits

In some versions of the Hollywood diet are also nuts, legumes and low-fat dairy products allowed.

Up to 60 percent of daily calorie intake comes from protein-rich foods. The total energy intake of the Hollywood food is 700 to 800 kcal per day. If the body announces hunger in between, there is fruit as a snack.

That brings the Hollywood diet

The extremely low caloric intake combined with a high protein and low carbohydrate content makes for a fast weight loss.

Risks of the Hollywood Diet

However, the Hollywood diet also carries some risks:

nutrient deficiency

The low intake of fat and carbohydrates may be associated with a nutritional deficiency. Above all, the proportion of B vitamins, which occur predominantly in cereals, is too low. Fat-soluble vitamins can not be absorbed by the body or only in small amounts.

gout risk

Although a lot of protein ensures good satiety, but the high protein intake can cause gout or kidney stones.

Jojo effect

Who limits the daily energy intake to less than 1000 calories, the risk that the body switches the metabolism on the back burner. So you risk the yo-yo effect after the end of the Hollywood diet. Because the body is afraid of another hunger period and as a precaution stores the food in the fat deposits. That means more bacon on the hip instead of less.

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    Losing weight: what really helps

    Lose a few pounds tunt many good and is an annual intent - whether at the turn of the year or the summer! However, the dietary tide is huge and daily there are more: Fatburner, Ayurveda, food combining or formula diet. But how do you actually lose weight in a healthy and lasting way?

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    Beware of fast diets

    Fast diets are popular. "But they do not work permanently and endanger a balanced nutrient intake," said Antje Gahl, spokeswoman for the German Nutrition Society. V. (DGE). Only a combination of dietary change, behavioral change and an increase in physical activity help to lose weight in the long term. Recent studies do not clearly show whether fast or slow diets work better.

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    Pay attention to the energy density

    The DGE recommends obese people who pay attention to energy density when changing their diet. Foods with low and medium energy density (up to 225 kilocalories per 100 grams), such as fruits and vegetables, should be the basis of the daily diet. They fill you up without many calories. For example, two apples, six carrots or 300 grams of low-fat yogurt contain as many calories as half a croissant.

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    Breakfast yes or no?

    A high-calorie croissant for breakfast is not the healthiest. But omit the breakfast is probably not better. Nutrition experts are still undecided here. Because only a few medical studies speak for breakfast, others show no connection between regular breakfast and normal weight.Basically, however, a balanced breakfast stimulates the metabolism, prevents hunger attacks and thus reduces the risk of being overweight.

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    More fruits and vegetables is not enough

    Simply to consume more fruits and vegetables and otherwise keep on blithely enough is not enough. "Only the one who consumes less calories than he consumes can lose weight," is the motto of the DGE. It is best to generally eat less fatty foods and preferably foods containing unsaturated fatty acids, for example, milk or vegetable oil. In addition, many legumes and whole grains and only a little sugar and salt.

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    Consume calories

    In addition to a balanced and low-calorie diet, experts suggest at least 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise. Although this does not lead to a rapid weight loss, but protects against weight gain in the long term. You are also welcome to do more sports - whether endurance training, strength training, ball sports or dancing is not crucial. Every activity burns calories!

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    Sex as a calorie burner

    Sex can also be sport. But the assumption that sexual intercourse costs around 100 to 300 kilocalories (kcal) is in most cases not true. Realistically, calorie consumption during sex is only about 20 kcal, more like a walk.

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    Breastfeeding does not protect against overweight

    Whether babies who have been breastfed really have better protection against being overweight is controversial. So do not nurse your child for that reason, but there are plenty of others! Breastfeeding strengthens the mother-child bond and the baby's immune system. It also reduces the risk of the mother developing breast cancer.

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    Sports for kids

    Especially for children, exercise is especially important. It is a good balance to sit still at school and promotes a positive body feeling. Experts believe that exercise programs for overweight children are particularly effective when involving parents. In addition, parents should pay attention at home to the weight development of their child.

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    Genes or childhood experiences crucial?

    Adults who have a well-nourished and well-balanced diet as a child will later find it easier to maintain a normal weight, some experts say. Whether this is really due to the childhood experiences or to genes that control the weight over the entire lifetime, is not yet fully understood.

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    Set goals

    Setting goals is helpful - be it weight loss, work or sport. But how do you best define your goals? In small realistic steps or ambitious and hardly achievable? Unfortunately, there is no clear indication of what works best - give it a try. And reward yourself for the goals achieved (but not with calories)!

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    Medical help

    For some people, even the best weight loss tips will not help. The reason: Obesity is not always caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, but can be an independent disease. In some cases, medication or surgery may become necessary.

Hollywood Diet: Conclusion

Who does not want to look like a Hollywood star? But the Hollywood diet is not the way to do it. For one thing, it has long been disproved that carbohydrates are the fad in the food. On the other hand, the total energy intake is too low, as well as the fat and carbohydrate content. Proteins, on the other hand, make up too much of a protein. While you can lose weight quickly with the Hollywood diet, the likelihood of you gaining weight just as quickly is high. Keep your hands off the Hollywood Diet.

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