The pleasure drop (preejaculate) is a glandular secretion that escapes from the penis on sexual arousal. Read more here!


Of the Lusttropfen is a clear, tough secretion that comes out of the penis when the man is sexually aroused. This pre-ejaculate is used to prepare the urethra for ejaculation (ejaculation) by creating a sperm-friendly environment. In addition, the pleasure drop acts as a natural lubricant. Read all important information about the pleasure drop and its function as well as the possible connection between pleasure drops and pregnancy!

What is the pleasure drop?

The pleasure-drop (man) is also called pre-ejaculate. It is a secretion from the Bulbourethraldrüsen (Cowper's glands). These are small (about pea-sized) mucous glands, which lie on both sides of the urethra under the prostate, embedded in the transverse perineum muscle (Musculus transversus perinei profundus). In the pelvic area, the glands open into the urethra.

The pleasure drop is delivered from the urinary tube during sexual arousal before ejaculation. Its quantity is small: sometimes it is only a few drops, but in some men, the pre-ejaculate makes up to five milliliters.

Can one become pregnant with the pleasure-drop?

The pleasure drop does not come from the testicles and can therefore actually contain no sperm. But it is still possible to get pregnant. For example, if there are still sperm in the urinary tube from a previous ejaculation, they can be "flushed out" together with the pleasure drop. In addition, even with sexual excitement sperm can get from the epididymis and vas deferens into the urinary tube.

Can the pleasure drop transmit HIV?

Infection with the HI virus is hardly possible during oral intercourse through the pre-ejaculate, as long as ejaculate does not enter the mouth. This is because the mucous membrane in the mouth is quite "robust" and viruses can hardly penetrate here. In addition, the saliva dilutes the pre-ejaculate.

The situation is different with vaginal or anal intercourse. The pleasure drop can certainly transmit HIV. Although the amount of HI viruses in the pre-ejaculate is probably lower than in the ejaculate, there is no reliable information on this. Also, coitus interruptus can not help here, because the mucosa of the cervix or intestine is much more susceptible to the secretion containing HIV than the mouth.

What function does the pleasure drop have?

The sexual arousal of the man has the evolutionary goal of bringing the male seed into the uterus of the woman. If the excitement is sufficient to stiffen the penis, the drops of pleasure are secreted by the aforementioned bulbourthral glands. This secretion purifies the urinary tube and transforms its acidic environment (through the urine) into a basic one. In such a way the sperm feel "more comfortable", they need it to become active. In addition, the pleasure drop serves as a natural lubricant.

Where is the pleasure drop?

The preejaculate is found at the top of the glans (glans penis). It can emerge as a small tough-slimy drop from the penis tip. Sometimes, however, a larger amount of secretion flows out.

What problems can the pleasure drop cause?

The pre-ejaculate may cause HIV infection in vaginal or anal intercourse when the virus has spread through the urethra to the bulbous tumors through infection.

Other venereal diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and fungal infections or mycoplasma can be over the Lusttropfen be transmitted.

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