Metabolic diet

Stimulate the metabolism with certain foods - that is the principle of the metabolic diet. Learn more about this diet and its risks.

Metabolic diet

In the Metabolic Diet The metabolism should be stimulated by a certain combination of foods. Above all, protein-containing foods dominate the meals. This accelerates the energy expenditure and the pounds tumble - so the advocates of this diet. Learn here what the metabolic diet causes.

What is a metabolism diet?

In the metabolic diet you should lose weight, because the metabolism (metabolism) must change. Anyone who has developed this form of diet is unknown. There are different approaches to metabolic diets, such as metabolic balance, the blood group diet or the Max Planck diet. The exact metabolic diet varies from method to method, but what is common to all is the high protein content of the foods on the menu.

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This is how the metabolism works

Depending on the metabolic diet, the food is more or less strongly prescribed. The theory behind this is that as you consume lots of protein but extremely low levels of carbohydrates, the body is forced to provide "substitute carbohydrates" from its fat deposits (ketogens).

At the same time should be kept constant by the radical dietary change of blood sugar levels and food cravings can be avoided. Because carbohydrates, as contained in bread and pasta, are sugar molecule constructions that rapidly raise and lower blood sugar levels. Sugar, salt, alcohol and sweetened drinks are also taboo in the metabolism diet.

For a faster metabolism: diet process

The classic diet plan is very strict and consists of three meals a day - eggs, steak, ham, salad, vegetables. To drink there is unsweetened tea or coffee and mineral water. However, there are also plans that provide "gourmet days" and up to six meals a day.

As a rule, a metabolism diet is carried out for two weeks, after which normal eating is allowed. Because of the extreme diet, the metabolism should change so that for at least a year no weight gain is to be feared.

That brings the metabolism diet

You actually lose weight fast with the metabolic diet. However, this weight reduction is mainly due to water losses in the first few days and the reduced total calorie intake.

It is undisputed that protein is an economic energy source and saturates well.

Risks of Metabolism Diet

Like all crash diets, where a lot of weight should be lost in a short time, the metabolism diet from a medical point of view and according to the requirements of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) is not necessarily recommended.

Especially if you eat for a long time extremely protein-rich, this can lead to kidney damage, nutrient deficiencies and metabolic disorders. Studies show that the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer increases the more protein-rich you eat.

For people with kidney problems, diabetes or cardiovascular problems, the metabolism is not suitable.

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    Cookies, mulled wine, tunnels - the Advent season entices with many culinary delights. A few simple tips can help to limit the damage of feasting - so you can start the new year without a guilty conscience.

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    Without exercise, the strictest diet will not help in the long run: It does not always have to be a marathon - a walk after work, shopping on foot or stairs instead of elevators are easy to integrate into everyday life.

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    Alcohol contains a lot of sugar and therefore also a lot of calories: So beware of cocktails, wine and beer - limit yourself to small amounts or access equal to non-alcoholic alternatives.

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    Grab starchy and high fiber foods such as brown rice, wholemeal pasta, potatoes, vegetables as a main course. That does not just keep you full longer. Dietary fiber lowers cholesterol and inhibits fat-splitting enzymes, so less dietary fat can be absorbed into the body.

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    Small sins are allowed: Plan your favorite foods and sweets and enjoy the small sins quite consciously. Because everything that is forbidden has a special charm. Once you become weak, you are even more likely to hit - and regret it all the more afterwards.

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    A simple trick to lose weight: Eat a portion of salad before the main course. This fills the stomach and saves calories.After all, if you eat your pasta, schnitzel, or omelette afterwards, you'll fill up faster and eat less altogether.

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    Losing weight starts with shopping: Never go to the supermarket with your stomach empty! If you are hungry, you buy more and more thoughtlessly. And that's bad for their line: Instead of grapes and apples, calorie bombs like biscuits and chocolate bars end up in the snack bowl.

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    If you are in the mood for sweets, grab some dried fruits such as raisins, plums, apples or sweet fruits such as bananas, grapes, etc. These healthy alternatives to Schoki & Co. not only satisfy the craving for sweets but also supply them valuable fiber.

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    The bikini season is approaching! So it's high time to tackle his extra kilos. So you save calories and lose the unwanted pounds - without tormenting and starvation.

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    Gummy bears, chips, chocolates: Avoid buying sweets and nibbles and making a regular snack storage. The intention to eat just a little of it usually does not work. Because the more of the Knabberkram lying around at home, the more you eat.

Metabolism diet: Conclusion

A good metabolism can help you lose weight. Scientifically, however, the principle of metabolism is not proven.

If you want to lose a few pounds before the holidays, a few days after the metabolic diet plan is alright. The danger of the yo-yo effect is great, because the diet is not changed sustainably. Sport is not planned.

Better than dealing with the Metabolic Diet To Castaste: A balanced diet with at least 1,200 kilocalories per day and regular exercise.

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