Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a year-round sport for young and old. Physical activity strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and counteracts the aging process.

Nordic walking

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking has been used for many years as a summer training method for cross-country skiers. From this experience, sports scientists and a Finnish sporting goods manufacturer developed the Nordic Walking poles.
Nordic Walking was introduced to the German-speaking market by the Finnish company Exel. Back then, people were convinced that Nordic walking was popular with young and old. Originally this sport comes from Finland, where cross-country Athletes have been practicing Nordic Walking for many years as summer training.
This sport causes a strain on the entire muscular system in the arm-stick work, so that there is an increase in the pulse rate, metabolism and increased energy expenditure. The sticks can be powerfully used not only for sportive walking but also for a leisurely walk, hiking and for high-performance athletes while jogging. Whether in summer or in winter - Nordic Walking is a year-round sport for everyone. By simply removing the Quick Lock tip, the snow plate can easily be attached. Since Nordic Walking is a gentle and individually adjustable physical activity, it is also increasingly used in health sports for prevention and rehabilitation.

Nordic Walking - on the test bench

The renowned Cooper Institute in Dallas, USA, investigated the effect of Nordic Walking in a study lasting several months.
The study results show a significant increase in oxygen and energy consumption in all subjects. The participants wore a metabolic unit that measures oxygen consumption and calorie expenditure. It was shown that both the energy consumption and the oxygen consumption in Nordic walking on average by 20%, at the same rate, increased. In addition, there was a 6% increase in the heart rate range.
All participants did not find Nordic Walking any more strenuous than classical walking. The individual results were remarkable. In some subjects, the oxygen and calorie consumption increased by up to 46%.

The equipment is important

The Nordic Walking poles are made of a carbon fiberglass mixture. Carbon is a high-quality material that, due to its many positive qualities, is also used in space research and in Formula One. Carbon is characterized by its extreme stability and is also extremely resistant and stable.
Exel has developed a special loop system that allows the Nordic Walking technique fluently. The C-Race and C-Pro strap guarantee an optimal fit to the hand. The loops are fixed with a customizable closure system and ensure despite a tight fit a free blood circulation.
The combination of loop and handle ensures that the hand is always correctly positioned during exercise to transfer the power from the arms to the stick.
The angled Quick Lock tip hits the ground surface at the correct angle and provides optimum grip. The carbide tip is extremely durable and durable. The asphalt pad is used on hard ground such as Tar used and has an additional insulating effect on the joints.

Health benefits

Nordic Walking has already found wide acceptance among doctors and doctors. The fact that health insurances also subsidize Nordic walking courses is sufficient evidence of the medical benefits.

Here are some facts about Nordic Walking

  • increases the heartbeat by 10-20 beats / minute compared to normal walking (for example, with normal rapid walking, the heart rate is approx. 110 beats / minute, while with Nordic walking it is approx. 127 beats / minute).
  • Can Increase Calorie Consumption by Up to 46% (Cooper Institute Research, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sports 2002 publication)
  • Almost 90% of all muscles of the human body are activated
  • Relieves muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area
  • significantly increases the lateral mobility of the neck and spine
  • strengthens the extensor and flexor muscles of the forearm, the back muscles of the shoulder, as well as the abdominal, thoracic and back muscles
  • Protects joints and knees, promotes the formation of synovial fluid
  • Reduces the knee strain in overweight persons
  • burns over 400 calories / hour (compared to only 280 calories / hour in normal walking)
  • increases the safety on smooth and slippery surfaces by using the poles


Investigations show that the use of the pole in the plane relieves the load of the body on the legs and on the spinal column 45 x by 5 kg per minute. This equals 2700 x 5 kg less load in one hour. Nordic walking gently loads the buttocks, knees and ankles, but does not overload them. This supports the nutrition of the cartilage and the formation of synovial fluid.The joints remain fit, flexible and painless.


Nordic Walking requires about 600 muscles in our body. That 90% of total body muscle. Sports scientists have found that muscles are optimally trained when doing gentle but regular exercises. With 3 units per week, one hour of Nordic Walking each, you meet the requirements to tighten your figure and keep you fit.

immune system

Gentle endurance sport in nature strengthens not only spirit and soul but also the body's own defenses. The movement strengthens the number of immune cells and increases their functionality. A well-balanced training with regeneration phases keeps you healthy and fit in the long run.

Tension, stress reduction

In an age of hustle and stress, muscle tension is not uncommon. As a balance to everyday life, Nordic Walking offers the right amount of exercise and loosens muscles in the typical tensing areas: in the neck and shoulder area. By using the sticks, the muscles are better supplied with blood and loosened.

Weight reduction / anti-aging

Nordic Walking requires 600 muscles, which is almost 90% of the total body musculature. Muscles are also referred to as "kilns" because they consume more energy. This not only boosts the metabolism, but also strengthens the connective tissue and promotes fat burning. The ideal fat burning range is at a pulse rate of about 130 beats / minute. From about 30 minutes of training fat deposits are burned. Before that, the body resorts to the quick reserves of carbohydrates. Nordic Walking is in the ideal range of fat burning and requires more energy than normal walking without poles due to the extensive use of muscle. Through regular exercise and sports, age-related degradation processes in the body can be slowed down.

Especially when running and cycling, which are often used as balancing sports for low-motion office life, Nordic walking could be the optimal supplement. Because if you look around in office circles, especially back problems, neck and shoulder tensions or resulting headaches are in the center of the general "lamentations". Running and cycling have not achieved much in terms of these issues. Here Nordic Walking would be a good addition, without doing the fitness bath.

So Nordic walking helps with other sports


  • Training of coordinative skills
  • Improvement of basic stamina
  • Stabilization and securing of the joints (for example elbows, shoulders and ankles)
  • Improvement of mobility
  • Elimination of muscular imbalances through one-sided movements


  • Training of coordinative skills
  • Improvement of trunk mobility (rotation ability)
  • Strengthening of the upper body and trunk muscles
  • Elimination of muscular imbalances


  • Improvement of attitude
  • Relaxation of the shoulder and neck muscles
  • Improvement of balance ability
  • Support the regeneration
  • Optimization of breathing and oxygenation by raising the upper body


  • Positive influence on the attitude
  • Relaxation or mobilization of the upper body
  • Improvement of blood circulation / metabolism, especially in the area of ​​the shoulder / neck
  • Strengthening and stabilization of the trunk
  • Improvement of the balance ability and the Rhythmisierungsfähigkeit

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