Assisted living
Self-employed Most people want to be self-employed in old age and have their own apartment. Nevertheless, social services should be available and in case of emergency someone should be available. Assisted living meets these wishes best. Therefore, this form of living has experienced a boom in recent years.
Allergy in baby & child - prognosis
The problem with an allergy is that on the one hand should ban the allergy trigger as possible from the environment of the child, but the other hand, the child should lead a completely normal life. While atopic dermatitis and allergic bronchial asthma often disappear as the children get older, many allergies accompany those affected throughout their lives.
Allergy in baby & child - therapy
The first step in an allergy to the baby or child is to avoid the cause of the allergy, as far as possible. There are also various ways of allergy therapy. A drug treatment relieves especially the symptoms; Also helpful are accompanying measures such as breathing exercises and possibly psychological care of the child.
Allergy in baby & child
Product Overview Allergy in Baby & Child Description Allergiespen Kreuzallergie Description An allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction of the body, more specifically the immune system, to certain environmental substances (allergens), which are actually completely harmless. Basically, an allergy is possible at any age.
Allergy in baby & child - causes
An allergy is basically possible at any age. This way, even babies and children can develop an allergy early. The cause of the excessive immune response to normally harmless substances in babies and children is not known. However, it is clear that the susceptibility to allergies is inheritable.
Allergy in baby & child - prevention
Product Overview Allergy to Baby & Child - Prevention What You Can Do Tips for Pregnant and Nursing Women What You Can Do There are several recommendations on how to prevent allergies in babies and children. Experts agree that breastfeeding in the first six months of life is one of them.
Hormones regulate countless body processes - from growth to blood pressure and blood sugar to sexual functions. Read more about the production and function of the hormones, important representatives and the hormone determination in blood and urine. Article overview Hormones What are hormones? Classification of hormones Examples of important hormones Hormone balance Measuring hormone levels What are hormones?
Ayurveda is often equated with wellness, relaxing massages and fragrant oils - but real Ayurvedic medicine has little to do with the spa offers of many wellness hotels. In India Ayurveda is a common practice in every disease. It is also being used more and more frequently in Western countries, especially in chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis or rheumatism.
Foreign babies, they knock so many friendly fellow people in the head. Even your own dad is sometimes suddenly spurned! From a developmental point of view, however, being a child is an important step for the child. Read here why a baby alienates, when it starts and how to handle it best.
Bach flower therapy
Bach flower remedies assume that there are psychological causes behind physical illnesses. Therefore, they could also be healed on a spiritual level. Negative mental behaviors such as inappropriate guilt, excessive will to assertiveness or lack of purpose could become the trigger for disease or hinder the healing of existing diseases.
Mifegyne® (ru 486)
Not every pregnancy is desired. By the end of the twelfth week after conception (14th week of pregnancy), women have time to deal with the new situation and to decide for or against a child. As long as a termination of pregnancy remains impunity (§ 218 StGB).
By crawling your baby extends his motor skills, but especially his radius. Entirely new areas of his environment are opening up. But when do babies start to crawl? Here's what you can do to crawl, why crawling is important for your holistic development, and how to help your baby crawl.
Cyfra 21-1
CYFRA 21-1 serves as a tumor marker in certain cancers. Increased readings are also found in some benign diseases. Read here what CYFRA 21-1 is exactly, when to determine the laboratory value and what changed readings can mean! Article overview CYFRA 21-1 What is CYFRA 21-1?
Doppler sonography
Doppler sonography is an ultrasound scan to measure blood flow velocity. It is also referred to as Doppler ultrasound and is particularly important in the diagnosis of vasoconstriction. Read all about Doppler sonography, how it is used and what it reveals!
The long-term ECG measures electrical cardiac activity over a long period of time under everyday conditions. This allows the doctor to diagnose recurring disorders. The ECG is usually recorded over 24 hours (24-hour ECG). Read all about the long-term ECG, how the recording works and what you have to keep in mind.