Paleo diet

Eating like the stone age people, that's the principle of the paleo diet. Learn here advantages and disadvantages of this diet.

Paleo diet

Paleo stands for Paleolithic, the Paleolithic. Accordingly, the idea behind the Paleo Dietto feed oneself like the Stone Age people, that is: as natural as possible, no grain, no legumes or dairy products. This stone age diet is not a diet in the traditional sense, it is rather a diet that is supposed to keep you healthy. Learn here how the Paleo diet works.

What's the Paleo diet

Followers of the Stone Age diet assume that people today do not eat "appropriate to the species". Our digestive tract is still adjusted to the Stone Age diet. The Paleo diet is synonymous with natural foods for its followers. In the Paleo diet, people eat what the hunters and gatherers had at that time, or what comes closest to it. The goal is usually not the desire to lose weight, but to eat healthily.

The principles of the Paleo diet

On the menu of the Stone Age diet are:

  • meat and fish
  • eggs
  • salad
  • nuts
  • (animal fat
  • fruit and vegetables

This selection depicts the most valuable foods that exist in nature, according to the theory of the Stone Age diet. The most important rules of the Paleo diet are:

  • No sugar
  • No grain
  • No vegetable fat
  • No ready meals
  • Fruit only in limited quantity (due to the sugar content)
  • No dairy products
  • Note fatty acid ratio (less omega-6 fatty acids, more omega-3 fatty acids to prevent inflammation and insulin resistance)

This is how the Paleo diet works

A gradual introduction to the Paleo diet is usually recommended. You can implement the changes gradually. If you want, you can spend a certain amount of time living according to the principles of the Stone Age diet. For example, Nico Richter, author and one of the first to publicize this diet in Germany, recommends a trial period of 30 days.

During this time, much is left out of what is now standard on the plate: bread, pasta, durum wheat products (bulgur, couscous), sugar (substitutes), refined vegetable oils, processed foods (including processed meat and sausage). Coffee, alcohol and tobacco are also prohibited. An ideal Paleo meal consists of plenty of vegetables, protein (egg, fish, meat), enough fat and possibly some fruit.

A Paleo breakfast could for example consist of a fruit salad and scrambled eggs, at noon there are pepper stuffed with minced meat, in the evening fish with vegetables. Paleo-suitable snacks are fruits or nuts.

When meat is very respected on quality, factory farming is frowned upon.

That brings the Paleo diet

Since sugar and cereals, including white flour, are banned from the diet, a weight loss Paleo diet is quite likely. Long-term data is not available.

The high protein content also has a favorable effect. Studies have found that dietary supplementation helps with weight loss as satiety lasts longer.

The other ingredients of the Paleo diet, so many vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and mushrooms, are healthy from a nutritional point of view. The fact that one has to deal with what one eats, leads to a more conscious handling of food and consequently a certain learning effect.

Many people who try the Paleo diet, hoping so synonymous with suffering from eczema, allergies or the like to counter. Occasionally, there are always success stories. However, there is no scientific evidence for such an effect.

Risks of the paleo diet

Health risks are not to be feared with the Paleo diet, as long as one does not eat too much meat. Then there is the danger that in the body increased uric acid forms, which can cause kidney stones or gout in the long term.

However, it is questionable whether one should be guided by the diet of people who were much more active on the one hand than we are today and rarely older than 40 years old - except that an avocado or an apple looks and tastes very different today in the Stone Age. Dieting according to the theory of evolution is scientifically not necessary.

The argument of the Paleo followers that humans have not genetically adapted to the "new products", is not tenable on closer inspection. On the contrary, studies have shown that the human genome has changed faster over the past 10,000 to 20,000 years and adapted to new diets.

Example milk: Originally humans could digest milk sugar only in the first years of life, after the weaning he lost this ability. The situation changed, however, when one began to keep cows.Within relatively less generations, the genetic mutation spread, by means of which, even after the weaning, the lactose-splitting enzyme lactase was still produced.

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    Deadly slimming products

    Effortless weight loss thanks to slimming pills? Sounds tempting. But beware: Who buys sold on the Internet pills and Pรผlverchen risked in extreme cases, even his life. Experts from the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) warn against this.

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    Great promise, little effect

    Although slimming agents often look like typical medicines to circumvent the strict regulations, the capsules, tablets or powders are usually declared as dietary supplements (NEMs). By definition, they must then have no medicinal effect. Without reduced calorie intake or more exercise, they will not let the pounds tumble.

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    Illegal additives

    Only slimming pills to which illegal substances have been added are effective. But they are dangerous. In various slimming companies, which are distributed over the Internet, the BVL discovered drugs that were not labeled as such - that had been mixed illegally. Often, manufacturers even labeled the products as "100 percent natural" or "all-natural" supplements. The panned pills can be life-threatening...

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    Appetite suppressant is on the heart

    An appetite suppressant goes to the heart "slimming tea" or "weight loss coffee" are the apparently harmless names of slimming makers, in which the appetite suppressant sibutramine was detected. However, this has been banned in the EU since 2010. Because the drug has serious side effects. Cardiovascular patients increase the risk of infarction considerably. It can also cause headache and nausea, as well as feelings of numbness, high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias.

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    Explosive chemical in weight loss pills

    Another substance that the inspectors discovered in slimming machines from the network: 2,4-dinitrophenol, which occurs, inter alia, in explosives. Because workers in explosives factories lost body weight during World War I, it was found that the chemical industry can help slim down. For a long time, 2,4-dinitrophenol damages the liver, kidneys, nerves and heart. As Abspeckmedikament it is therefore not allowed.

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    Risky combination

    Not everything that comes from nature is harmless: synephrine, for example, is in small quantities in citrus fruits. It should increase energy consumption and activate the stomach. Slimming products are often used in combination with caffeine. Together, however, the two substances can cause considerable damage: sleep disorders, hypertension and palpitations all the way to heart attacks.

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    You should pay attention!

    Never buy supplements that are offered exclusively on the internet! Positive product reviews may be fake. You should also be careful with products from private individuals or from abroad. Instead, get advice from your pharmacist or doctor before purchasing slimming products. If you want a drug with proven weight loss, talk to a doctor about appropriate prescription medication.

Paleo diet: conclusion

Anyone who wants to lose weight will certainly do so because thanks to the Paleo diet he refrains from fast food, pizza, white flour and sugar and instead eats fish and vegetables. Feeding as naturally as possible is always sensible.

But: The radical change that is necessary in the Paleo diet requires willpower, time and money to buy the high-quality foods and prepare them according to Paleo rules. Especially on cereals - including the breakfast sandwich or the pasta dish - can be difficult.

People who have incompatibilities (previously unnoticed by them) can benefit from the Paleo diet. However, a general recommendation is not the Paleo diet.

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