Protein diet

Protein until you drop - read how the protein diet works and what it brings.

Protein diet

In principle one understands under Protein diet a very protein-rich diet. The high protein content of the food should last longer full. How much protein is consumed and whether protein shakes are used to lose weight depends on the program. Read how the protein diet works and what it does.

What is a protein diet?

As the name implies, the concept of this diet is "losing weight with protein". The focus of the diet is on protein. Fats are (limited) allowed, carbohydrates in the form of pasta, potatoes or bread is largely dispensed with completely to the protein diet. Nutrition plan in the true sense, there is no, you can put together the food itself. However, it is important that every meal contains protein.

Protein diet: from Hollywood to New York

The protein diet has some prominent advocates. Celebrity diet guru David Kirsch dedicated a book to her in 2007, letting top model Heidi Klum hover over the catwalk just eight weeks after giving birth thanks to his "Ultimate New York Diet".

This is how the protein diet works

There are different concepts in the field of protein diets. When Kirsch approaches, there are up to twelve boiled egg whites, yoghurt, fish, poultry, nuts and a protein shake twice a day. Losing weight is also possible without protein drinks. The recommended carbohydrate content also varies, and should be around 100 to 120 grams a day on average.

While Kirsch incorporates movement into his concept, physical activity is not a must for other forms of protein diet.

That brings the protein diet

Whether Atkins, Dukan or low-carb diet, whether losing weight with protein shake or without: All protein-rich diets have in common that you lose a lot of weight, especially in the first few days, as the body excretes water.

Due to the high protein content of the protein diets, the supply of glucose to the body is reduced, so that the body has to get the energy it needs from the fat deposits.

Since proteins and fats, which are also allowed to saturate more than carbohydrates, which bring the blood sugar level, especially in its simple form out of balance, are in a protein diet food cravings fail.

Risks of the protein diet

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends a maximum of 0.8 grams of protein per day and kilo of body weight protein. If you consume more permanently, it's bad for the kidneys. Protein diets usually exceed this value many times over. Especially people with kidney weakness can be damaged by the high protein content. Also gout attacks can not be ruled out.

It is also alarming that the protein diet will consume comparatively few fruits and vegetables for weeks and months. This can lead to vitamin and nutrient deficiencies.

Extremely low-fat dairy products, as recommended in some concepts, often contain additives that should not be consumed in too large quantities.

Who makes a pure protein shake diet for more than two to three days, risking deficiency symptoms. In addition, cheap products are often mixed with a lot of sugar.

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    Why do diets fail?

    Diets often end in frustration: No sooner have you painfully got rid of a few pounds, the double amount goes to the hips. Why successful diets are so rare and how you trick the diet traps, we show you in the photo gallery.

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    Bad habits

    Humans are creatures of habits. That's why shopping and food choices are usually unconscious. Diets are often just a brief break in usual eating habits and do not fundamentally change them. Tip: Identify your fatiguing habits and consciously replace them with lighter alternatives.

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    frustration eating

    Man does not just eat to satisfy his hunger. Many use food to compensate for negative emotions such as stress or frustration. If your parents have used chocolate as a reward or comfort, it will make a difference to your life. Tip: Only try to eat when you are really hungry. And compensate for negative emotions differently - with a hot bath or a walk in the sunshine.

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    The right one for everyone

    Make sure the diet of your choice suits you. It is important that the enjoyment is maintained. If your diet excludes all your favorite foods, it must fail long term. Those who like to eat pasta will not be happy with a low carbohydrate diet. Tip: For most dishes, there are lighter variants, eg. Pasta with tomato sauce instead of fat cream sauce.

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    Lost in the diet thicket

    From "losing weight with chocolate" to "low-carb" - no one can see through the diet jungle anymore. The uncertainty causes many to give up already discouraged before he has even started. Tip: Clarify with your doctor which diet is serious and fits you.

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    Treacherous prohibitions

    Strict prohibitions have a big catch. The slightest overshoot leads to a "now-is-everything-anyway-attitude". Out of frustration, not having made it again followed by bingeing. Tip: "Flexible control"! Do not ban chocolate completely, but enjoy a small bar instead of the whole table. And if you hit the strings, no matter. They have done a lot and tomorrow is another day.

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    Stumbling trap social environment

    Are you in good company with your overweight in the circle of friends? Then maybe you lack the necessary motivation to lose weight. Tip: Maybe you will find like-minded people in a big circle of friends. Losing weight together motivates you twice and helps you to avoid sagging.

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    Diversity and availability

    The term consumer society does not come by chance. There has never been so much choice as today. Experiments showed that people consume more, the more diverse the food. In addition, food is available at all times, seven days a week, around the clock. Tip: Buy at the supermarket strictly according to shopping lists and do not let the variety overwhelm you.

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    Seductive XXL

    What we eat depends on external stimuli. The family pack of chips or the portion with extra much meat entice you to eat more. Tip: Do without the alleged advantage purchase with 200 grams for free and leave in the restaurant even something on the plate, if you are full.

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    Diet lowers energy consumption

    After a diet, most people start to gain weight again. The reason: the body has also lost active muscle mass and thus throttled its energy consumption. He also works more economically - he now requires less energy for the same activity. Tip: Keep an eye on calories even after the weight-loss phase - and take action against sports.

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    Short luck

    Primary goal of all diets: As much as possible, get as soon as possible from the hips! This principle can be successful in the short term. But to maintain your weight, you have to change your lifestyle over the long term. Tip: Plan a stabilization phase after the weight loss phase. In that you may treat yourself a little bit more. And also applies then: healthier, easier to eat consciously and do sports.

Protein diet: conclusion

A recent study concluded that protein-rich diets increase weight in the long term and increase the risk of death. If you choose a concept that does not include a lot of fruit and vegetables, you can accept deficiency symptoms.

The radical change that is necessary in a protein diet requires willpower, especially the abandonment of classics such as pasta and breakfast rolls should not be easy.

Moderate versions can help with weight loss, from an extreme Protein diet you should leave the fork.

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