Schüßler salts 10: sodium sulfuricum

The schüßler salt no. 10 natrium sulfuricum (sodium sulfate) supports the degradation of pollutants in the body. Read more now!

Schüßler salts 10: sodium sulfuricum

The Schüßler salt No. 10 Sodium sulfuricum (Sodium sulphate) supports according to the healing theory of Dr. med. Schüßler the degradation and excretion of pollutants in the body. In addition, it should carry excess water from the organism. It is therefore considered the general remedy for body cleansing and detoxification. Learn more about the Schüßler salt 10 and its use as sodium sulfuricum D6.

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Schüßler salts 10: Sodium sulfuricum

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Worth knowing about Schüßler salts 10: Natrium sulfuricum

Natrum sulphuricum is the tenth salt of biochemistry according to Dr. med. Schuessler. According to this medicine, the mineral mainly works in all excretory processes. Among non-medical practitioners, the Schüßler salt 10 is therefore also known as "clarifying salt". If there are pollutants or slags as well as excess water in the body, sodium sulphuricum supports the breakdown and secretion. Harmful substances, toxins and excess water are excreted via the liver-bile system, the intestine, the kidneys and partly through the skin.

In addition, Natrum sulphuricum is said to stimulate the functions of the pancreas, intestine, liver, kidneys and bile by promoting the production of digestive juices. It is also intended to stimulate the burning of nutrients, which leads to the formation of heat and energy.

In conventional medicine, sodium sulfate is administered in aqueous solution as a laxative.

Storage locations for sodium sulfuricum

According to Schüßler's medical science, compulsive character traits as well as other factors such as electromagnetic stress, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, artificial aromas, dyes and softeners consume the sodium sulfuricum of the cells. Then the sodium sulfuricum storage in liver and bile is resorted to.

Characteristic causes of a deficiency of sodium sulphuricum

Particularly intense, compulsive characteristics deprive the body, according to Dr. med. Schüßler large quantities of Schüßler salts. Schüßler Salt No. 10 is affected if you stubbornly adhere to principles and principles and overlook that other people suffer from it. Feelings such as anger, hatred and anger are common and mostly based on intolerance of others' behavior. The famous drawer thinking blocks, to be generous and tolerant.

To live a full and happy life and to preserve its sodium sulfuricum reserves helps a serene lifestyle. Those who learn to tolerate and accept others' lives achieve many positive things.

Deficiency indication in the face

After the concept of Dr. med. Schuessler can be detected with the help of facial diagnostics certain mineral deficiencies already in the face of the person concerned. If there is a deficiency of Natrum sulphuricum, these characteristics are typical:

  • greenish color around the chin
  • bluish-red nose bridge, whereby also the entire face can be discolored
  • swollen bags
  • swollen eyes
  • dark red cheeks

Symptoms and diseases in the absence of sodium sulfuricum

If the organism is missing sodium sulphate, Dr. med. Schüßler pollutants and toxins less flushed out. Depending on the strength of sodium sulfuricum deficiency various symptoms are conceivable:

  • stinking winds, diarrhea
  • swollen eyes and bags, especially in the morning
  • swollen or open legs
  • Itching on the skin, sun and water allergy, eczema
  • incipient flu, limb and joint pain
  • a headache
  • Skin complaints such as warts, herpes simplex
  • rheumatism
  • Dickleibigkeit by pollutant load

As an additive, these Schüßler salts are said to improve eczema, psoriasis, gout or rheumatism.

According to Schuessler's theory, Schuessler salts help to improve many ailments. However, Schüßler salts can no longer be used in some diseases. For example, eczema, open or swollen legs and long-lasting diarrhea should be clarified by a doctor. For very painful conditions, such as rheumatism, good medicines are available. In consultation with the doctor, Schüßler salts can be used as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment.

Use of sodium sulphuricum

Naturopaths recommend the internal intake of Schüßler salt 10, for example, in slag problems or obesity due to suspected pollution. If skin problems such as warts or herpes simplex are to be treated, sodium sulfate is administered in the form of gels or creams.

Internal use of Natrum sulphuricum

Depending on the strength of the mineral deficit, the therapist recommends varying the number of tablets of Natrum sulphuricum.The usual exponentiation is D6. Sodium sulfuricum D6 works best after the Chinese organ clock when it is taken in the morning.

External use of sodium sulphuricum

Once or twice thinly applied to the respective skin areas, creams or gels with sodium sulfuricum D6 should help with skin problems.

Other important information about Natrum sulphuricum

When sodium sulphate D6 begins to act, it sometimes causes a variety of body reactions: diarrhea, limb discomfort, itching, head hum, wind, temporary hair loss.

Who on Sodium sulfuricumDeficiency symptoms, can see an improvement of the symptoms in dry weather, in dry rooms and during conciliatory talks. Humid weather or quarrels, however, aggravate the symptoms.

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