Ssw 32

From the 32nd ssw put you again neat weight. How much and why now is a good time for paperwork, learn here.

Ssw 32

Already in the 32nd week the space for the child in the abdomen is becoming increasingly scarce: This affects his range of motion. Finally, when the birth is due, both you and the dwarf put on a lot of weight again, maybe a red rash will show up on your skin. Read here why your child's kicks in the 32nd week of pregnancy are getting a bit sluggish and why now is a good time to do some paperwork.

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32nd week: This is how your baby develops

Your baby would be able to cope alone outside the womb in the 32nd week of pregnancy: The development is already well advanced. His digestive tract is not ripe yet and the lungs have not produced enough "surfactant". This is a substance that ensures that the bubbles do not collapse "outside" while breathing. But soon the lungs will be ready, which is why your child will continue to exhale and inhale intensively with amniotic fluid. His hiccups will be felt in the 32nd SSW.

In addition, in the last few weeks the baby "replenishes" plenty of nutrients in the womb, which would help him over the first time, if it were born as a premature baby.

Your child is still moving. As the 32nd SSW is getting more and more limited in the abdomen, the offspring comes and bumps a bit slower.

32nd SSW ultrasound: This can be seen

It's getting bigger, your baby. The 32nd SSW lets it grow to the "Gardemaß" of 41 centimeters. The balance shows about 1,800 grams already in the 32nd week of pregnancy (weight of the baby). With both, there is still room for improvement. At birth, a child weighs on average 3,500 grams and is 51 inches tall.

32nd SSW: That changes with you

Maybe your child has already turned in the 32nd week of pregnancy. Then it may be that it presses with your feet on your diaphragm. You notice this when you get shortness of breath for a short time.

You may be at SSW 32 a large red rash, which may be caused by the strong stretching of the skin, coupled with hormone-induced dryness. He usually disappears by itself. But talk to your midwife or doctor about it to rule out any serious illness or allergy.

In expectant moms tweaks and pulls it more often times in the stomach. That is normal. Sometimes, however, there are serious causes behind it.

32nd SSW: That's important now

As nice as it is to finally become parents - it is also associated with some bureaucracy. So that the latter does not cause additional stress after the birth or even puts you into monetary shortages, you can already do some paperwork in the 32nd SSW. For example, fill out the applications for parental and child allowance, send the certificate from your gynecologist to your health insurance company about your expected date of birth (maternity allowance) and find out your birth certificate and that of your partner - you will need it when registering your child at the office.

If your partner wants to take parental leave, he has to apply for it seven weeks before he wants to start.

Unmarried parents can also look after the acknowledgment of paternity at the youth welfare office and the common custody in the 32nd SSW.

Judith Däumer, Midwife

Midwives Tip

With all the joy of the child, you may feel the desire to spend some togetherness with your partner as soon as you come back. This is not only completely normal, but a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the "parents". Go to the cinema, visit your favorite restaurant or - if you get tired of being away too quickly for an "away-date" in the 32nd week, then cook your favorite dish or watch a movie on DVD, with something in Connect to your relationship.

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