St. John's wort & pill

St. John's wort & pill, is that or does the medicinal plant affect the effect of the contraceptive? The answer can be read here!

St. John's wort & pill

St. John's wort & pill, Is that possible? St. John's wort supplements are often recommended and prescribed for disorders of sensation, nervous tension, mood swings, anxiety and mild depressive disorders. However, women need to consider that St. John's wort, like many other supplements, may be able to interact with the pill. Read more about St. John's wort & pill here!

St. John's wort & pill: interaction

St. John's wort stimulates the formation of certain enzyme systems in the intestine and in the liver (enzyme induction), which are responsible for the degradation of some drugs. The enzyme induction thus accelerates these degradation processes. This can affect the effect of the drugs involved, especially those that only work in a narrow dose range (ie have a narrow therapeutic range). These are, for example, certain anticoagulants, other antidepressants, anti-HIV and cyclosporin (in autoimmune diseases and after organ transplants).

As for the combination "St. John's wort & pill", there is evidence that it also interacts here and St. John's wort reduces the effect of the contraceptive. This is not absolutely certain, but as a woman one should as a precaution not rely on the full contraceptive protection of the pill, if at the same time St. John's wort is taken. An unwanted pregnancy could otherwise be the result.

According to studies, the combination "St. John's Wort & Pill" can lead to increased bleeding.

Care should also be taken when combining St. John's wort with other hormonal contraceptives such as hormone patch or vaginal ring. With them St. John's wort could affect the effectiveness as well as the pill.

St. John's wort: interactions are dose-dependent

Possible interactions with simultaneous use of St. John's Wort & Pill or in combinations of the medicinal plant with other drugs are dose-dependent. St. John's Wort tea preparations are traditionally low-dose and do not suggest interactions with the pill or other medications. The same applies to preparations based on St. John's Wort when the daily dose is less than 900 milligrams.

In St. John's wort preparations that are higher doses, but must be expected interactions.

St. John's Wort & Pill: What to do?

As a precaution, before any combined use of St. John's wort & pill talk to your gynecologist or pharmacist. Those who want to be on the safe side should also use another method of contraception (such as a condom).

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