Swimming is a sport that is suitable for all ages and not only makes the heart, circulation and muscles on the move but can also be a lot of fun.


Swimming is one of the classic sports that, despite many new findings on the human musculoskeletal system, has lost none of its health value.
Swimming is still a sport that is suitable for all ages and not only brings heart, circulation and musculature on the move, but also a lot of fun. Where other sports in physical problems, such as joint wear, overweight or back pain, for the athlete quickly no longer feasible, the movement falls in the cool wet out of the ordinary.
Because staying in the water effectively relieves the joints, as it carries a large part of the body weight. It weighs on average only about a tenth of the normal weight, thanks to the buoyancy properties of the water on the athlete. In addition, the resistance of the water slows the movement and thus eliminates an important source of injury. Shock loads, such as those that affect the joints and spine during running, are also not present in the water. At the same time, the high water resistance ensures a good training effect, resulting in a high energy turnover during the workout.
These features make swimming a gentle and performance-oriented sport. The best example are the professional swimmers who, unlike their colleagues from other sports, suffer much less from injuries.

Other advantages

The water cools the skin, which throttles the blood circulation. This blood is available to the muscles. The effect of this better care is a direct increase in muscle power. In addition, the muscles are always stressed evenly during swimming, so that muscular imbalances have no chance here.
Swimming is particularly suitable as a balance sport for runners and cyclists, because it trains mainly upper body and arms, which come in these endurance sports too short.
Also in terms of equipment swimming has many sports ahead of them. Only swimming trunks, bikini or swimsuit are necessary for the exercise. Another towel to dry, a few slippers and the swimmer is done.
Tip: Wide boxer shorts brake in the water and even a badly fitting bikini could cause problems. In addition, swimming goggles may help to protect the eyes from irritation from the chlorine water.

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