Living will
A living will is important if a person can no longer decide for themselves. But precisely because it can have such a crucial meaning, there are many uncertainties - here you will learn what you should consider. Living Will - The Law The first law on the Living Will has been in effect since 1.
Coitus interruptus
Coitus interruptus (coitus interruptus) is one of the oldest contraceptive methods. The man pulls his penis from the vagina of the woman just before the ejaculation. Although this offers some protection against pregnancy. However, it is possible to become infected with sexually transmitted diseases.
St. John's wort
St. John's wort has been used for centuries for wounds and burns. Today, one particularly appreciates the mood-enhancing effect of St. John's Wort: Depression of mild to moderate severity can be alleviated with the help of the medicinal plant. Read more about St. John's wort: effect, application and possible side effects!
St. John's wort & pill
St. John's wort & pill, is that possible? St. John's wort supplements are often recommended and prescribed for disorders of sensation, nervous tension, mood swings, anxiety and mild depressive disorders. However, women need to consider that St. John's wort, like many other supplements, may be able to interact with the pill.
Vision test
In an eye test, the eyesight is checked. It is performed either by the ophthalmologist, optician or occupational physicians. Reason for an eye test are, for example, occupational health examinations, check-ups or a specific suspicion of a disease. Read all about the eye test and the different test procedures here.
Fluorescence angiography is a medical procedure that can be used to visualize the retinal vessels. This provides information about a variety of diseases. Read all about fluorescence angiography, when to perform it, what its risks are, and what to look for.
Pap test
The Pap test is a screening test for cervix cancer. For a smear done at the gynecologist. Subsequently, individual cells taken are examined, which is why the Pap test is also called cytological smear. Read all about the Pap smear, how it is done and what results it delivers.
What is exhibitionism? The term exhibitionism comes from Latin: exhibere means offer, show. An exhibitionist shows his sexual organs to other, mostly strangers without prompting. As a result, he satisfies himself sexually or emotionally. The satisfaction of the exhibitionist often depends on how shocked or surprised the involuntary observer is.
The protein ferritin serves to store iron. The level of his blood level allows a statement about how much stored iron is present in the body. Read all important information about the laboratory value Ferritin! Product Overview Ferritin What is Ferritin? In which cases is ferritin determined?
Libido - sexual desire - can be reduced in men and women for various reasons, such as hormonal changes, certain illnesses and medications or psychological-social causes. Read here how to increase your sexual desire and learn more about the influencing factors that affect the libido.
Angiology is a branch of internal medicine. It deals with the disease of the vessels (arteries, veins and lymphatics). An exception is the coronary arteries, which are cared for by cardiologists. In general, angiologists often work closely with colleagues in cardiology, but also neurology and vascular surgery.
Ca 15-3
The tumor marker CA 15-3 (short for cancer antigen 15-3) is a laboratory value that increases in certain cancers. An example of such a disease is breast cancer (breast cancer). Read here what CA 15-3 is exactly, in which diseases the tumor marker is elevated and what its meaning!
Cholinesterase is an enzyme that breaks down certain chemical compounds called choline esters. There are two subforms, of which only one (cholinesterase II) plays a role as a laboratory test. The informative value of the ChE value, which blood values ​​are normal and which diseases can lead to altered values, can be found here.
Elastase is a digestive enzyme produced by the pancreas and released into the small intestine. Their measurement provides information about the production of digestive enzymes in the pancreas. Read here what is exactly with the elastase, which normal values ​​apply and which diseases change the values!
The gamma-GT (also g-Gt, GGT or gamma-glutamyltransferase) is an enzyme of amino acid metabolism. It occurs predominantly in the liver and accordingly serves as an important laboratory value in the diagnosis of liver diseases such as hepatitis. Here you can read about exactly what the gamma-GT is all about, which laboratory values ​​are normal for the healthy and how an increase in value is achieved.