When does the pill work?

When does the pill work for the first time when you take it or when you switch from another product? Answers can be found here!

When does the pill work?

When does the pill work?when you first take it? This question occupies many girls and women. The answer: the hormones contained in the pill are relatively fast, but when full contraception is given depends on the day of first use. If you do not start on the right day, you must first additionally prevent, for example with condoms. Learn more about "When does the pill work?".

When does the pill start to work when taken for the first time?

If you are taking the pill for the first time, start with the first pill on the first day of the cycle, which is the first day of your menstrual period. It prevents exactly from this time, thus from the first day of ingestion. This applies to all pill types.

Even during the seven or six pill-free days, which are provided in the combination preparations (Pillensort4en with estrogen and progestin), the effect of the hormones stops and reliably protects against unwanted pregnancies.

It is also possible that you take your first pill between the second and fifth day of the menstrual period. In that case, however, you must definitely additionally use contraception during the first seven days of use, for example with condoms. Only then do the hormones protect the pill from pregnancy.

When does the pill work after pill break or pill change?

If you have taken a pill break, start with the first pill on the first day of menstrual bleeding like first-time users. Again, if you start taking it between the second and fifth days of your menstrual period, you must use the additional 7-day contraceptive (condom use, for example).

If you change from one pill preparation to another, you should take the first tablet after the normal six or seven-day break. If you change from a drug without pills break (some combination preparations as well as the mini pill with 28 tablets) to another preparation, you do not need to take a break. As soon as you have used up one package of the old preparation, you can continue with the new preparation the very next day.

When does the pill work when switching from another contraceptive?

Some women, for medical or other reasons, would like to change their pill to another contraceptive method (such as a condom, spiral, etc.) and then often ask themselves the question "When does the pill work?". A competent answer to this question as well as important tips on how to make the transition can be given by gynecologist and pharmacist.

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